Daily Nugget of Gold 605


Daily Nugget of Gold 605

Using Our Brain

If we want to move from the industrial stages in life into the creative world, we want to learn to rely far more on our brain power than we do currently. If you are like most people, you spend much of your time reacting to your environment- the situations that develop, the people around us, and the difficulties that arise as we go about our day- and very little time in creation. We want to fix that if we are ever to move ourselves from trading time for dollars and instead creating avenues of success where none may have existed before. Even if our goal is merely to help solve the problems in life we face, getting to know what to do to unleash our brain’s potential more and more is extremely helpful.

We need time to think. If we don’t see ourselves as having time to set aside for this activity, we want to carve out a little from wherever we see ourselves wasting a lot of time. For most of us, cutting back on television is the best place to start. A bit less of that at night, a bit earlier to bed, and a bit earlier to rise. Most of what we watch during the night we have absolutely no interest in. The proof to that is in our allegiance to the remote. Either someone else is pushing button after button on it or we are and that means we are merely passing time and not making some productive use of it. We only need a little time to think, but we want to set aside time when the house is quiet and we can turn down the volume of outside stimulus. It’s not easy at first, but if we will resist all the urges to “get up and do something” we can begin farming in the most fertile soil available to us.

We want to write down a problem, a desire, a dream and then begin listing things we could do to solve it, to make it happen, or to accomplish it all. We want to spend at least 15 to 20 minutes after we have quieted the wheels of our mind in thought. We want to list everything, from the silly to the complex, if we think it, it needs to be on the list. It would be neat if we would also spend a few minutes a day after that and decide what we want our day to be like, what we want to happen in that day. This is not a to-do list, but a rather picturing in our mind something special we want to see happen that day. We do this to help build our faith in “The Law of Attraction”.

It doesn’t matter if at first this seems slow as molasses. More than anything else, we want to get into the habit of thinking daily rather than be too overly concerned about the immediate results. Even if we only get an average of 5 ideas daily, in a month’s time we’d have 150. To succeed at changing our behavior, we want to really do whatever it takes to replace a bad habit with this good one and totally accept this is our normal day. Suppose it takes a solid year before we learn to love it, is it worth it? Absolutely, because we’d eventually be making a seismic shift in our use of the gifts we were born with.

Find activities which are of no purpose and replace at least some of that time with this one which will serve us well, year after year.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What activity do I want to limit a little to free up time for my most important activity of the day?”

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