Daily Nugget of Gold 606


Daily Nugget of Gold 606

A Good Cry

People may find it odd that an author of a success series would recommend an occasional “good cry” but there are some reasons for this. We have many reasons to cry when we do, they range from tears of joy to tears of sadness. A good cry could represent the emotions we feel when someone goes far above the call of duty and sacrifices themselves or radically alters their lives for our freedom or our survival. A good cry may happen when we feel overwhelmed or when things suddenly take a turn for the worse, the loss of a loved one, or even remorse over a relationship gone sour. There are countless reasons to cry and belief it or not, we support almost all of them.

The act of crying is a cleansing act. It helps us move beyond the hurt and the pain and deal with intense emotional feelings. In short, there are many, many benefits for the occasional release of the tears. Having said that, we want to turn our attention now on the difference between the occasional good cry and the habit of bringing to ourselves things to cry about- the negative things, that is. Tears of joy are always good!

In the documentary What the Bleep do We Know?/Down the Rabbit Hole the authors in a sequence showed how we can not only call to ourselves the negative situations we could cry about, but also explained how we can become addicted to these negative things and actually insure they happen over and over again. If these aren’t tears of joy, then we want to put a stop to that. While this addiction aspect we’re discussing here relate to other negative emotions, anger, frustration, fear, worry to name just a few (and also positive emotions), the documentary specifically showed a scene about crying! We can occasionally find reason to cry and that’s okay, but if it always happens to you there may be something else going on here to make sure you get to that emotional state again and again.

When we are in any intense emotional states, our brain produces powerful neurological chemicals called peptides which immediately hit the bloodstream searching for cells to dock onto and these neurotransmitters then change the chemical makeup of the nucleus of the cell with their messages. Do it often enough and the cells begin to crave these feelings in the form of chemical responses. This in turn has them communicate back to the brain that they want their “fix” and then the subconscious mind mainly, but even the conscious mind gets the message and we go on the hunt for what these cells crave. It could be food, it could be alcohol, possibly being depressed, or even being angry. We can form addictions to many things because so many things or states of mind can cause the brain to produce chemicals in response and often it’s those natural peptides we become addicted to, because our cells do.

As long as we aren’t putting ourselves into a situation where we crave crying daily or more, and find ourselves doing it that often, a good cry is a great emotional release, a way to clear the slate and start anew. The key here is to begin anew, with new found understanding, with increased resolve, or doing whatever it takes to turn a sad or tragic event into something positive.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I turn sad or upsetting events into a springboard which which to leap forward?”

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