Daily Nugget of Gold 607


Daily Nugget of Gold 607

Positive Reinforcement

Many people are struggling to make a change in their lives and have it stick. Every day is filled with many seemingly little events for most of us. Often times we go about our work and think very little about the things we’ve done right but a great deal about what we could have done better. Most of us are fairly satisfied that this is what we need to do in order to make change happen. Do things really change, however? If your honest with yourself, the answer is usually “No”. Learning from our mistakes is a very important thing. We do need to avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again- but if we are going to measure our efforts by the thing that matters, we ought to be concentrating not on dwelling on what we did wrong, but on achieving the desired results. Perhaps the first change on the agenda should be in what our approach is to initiating change.

One way to help turn this around and really begin making the changes we want in our lives is by more selectively reflecting on the events of the day at the end of each day. A lot of folks do think about how they day went when they retire at night, but it seems to be our nature to replay the things that we struggled with or that were painful in some way. What we want to do is to replay the things that went well. Human change is driven by our emotions, more than anything else, because our emotional responses to things are what drive thoughts into our subconscious mind and then alter our behavior accordingly. A person focused only on the negative events and having emotional responses to those thoughts alone will become more timid, less adventurous, more fearful, and less likely to take the risks needed in order to change and achieve.

If we think of the good things that happened to us and the positive results we got that day, and make those events the things we become emotionally charged over, then more positive results will follow. Aside from planting these thoughts deep into our subconscious mind, we are also using The Law of Attraction to bring us more like thoughts, and more positive situations. What are we doing with The Law of Attraction if we are focused only on the negative things of the day?

We want to remember that the best time of day for positive review is when we are about to retire, the reason being that our conscious mind is already somewhat relaxed and less of an issue. Replay the good. If we must replay the bad, let’s do it with a different, better ending. We have the power to play whatever we choose in that video recording and playback system and we have the ability to edit it as needed. These are things that are easy to do and get even easier with practice.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I remember to reflect on the positive things of the day before sleeping?”

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