Daily Nugget of Gold 608


Daily Nugget of Gold 608

Act As Though I Am and I Shall Be

The one thing we cannot write enough about is how to make a change. In fact, one could argue that this one subject is probably the most important and most central to the self-help industry. We all want to make certain changes and many of us are really frustrated in finding ways to not only change in some meaningful way, but to have that change stick. Change happens as the result of a decision to change. It’s actually based on a self-assessment, an observation of what is, what the ideal could be, and then usually we try and formulate some sort of plan to get there from where we are. Often times this process begins with total and utter disgust for where we find ourselves now.

An astute student of The Law of Attraction should have their ears perk up at the last sentence of that first paragraph. Did you notice the springboard most people attempt to use? We’ve even heard many self-help gurus recommend embracing dissatisfaction and disgust. “Dissatisfaction is a gem” one said. You can force change through disgust, it does work, and yes, you need to be motivated to change but your central focus ought not be on how unhappy you are now, we would submit. Why not? Because the Law of Attraction will respond to your dominant thoughts and insure more like conditions, events, and circumstances will result based solely on what thoughts you’re passionately thinking about.

The difficulty with the “disgust approach” is the focus on the negative. It may bring change and it often does, but we soon discover things going so badly because of that change or we begin to have problems elsewhere which take our attention off of the objective and those things in turn may lead us to abandon that change. The trick is to notice the thing or condition or negative trait we wish to change but not add our passion on the negative. Next, we want to fall in love with the ideal we wish to embrace and act as if we possessed it already and convince ourselves we are the person we are trying to be. There is nothing more powerful, more effective, or more life-altering than acting as if we were the end result we seek to become provided we do it so convincingly, we believe it ourselves.

By acting the part and and passionately loving ourselves and believing we have become the objective already, we powerfully move ourselves forward to that point where the change happened. Continuing to love ourselves and love how we are now as we see ourselves in this new light can make this change stick. With The Law of Attraction, everything needed to confirm all of this and make it a reality comes into place to support and sustain the move we’ve made, because we are focused on the love, the happiness, and the joy of where we find ourselves now. If we do this and stay in the best of moods, the law must respond to our adopted beliefs in a positive way. The biggest “trick” of this entire thing is getting the subconscious mind on board with the plan, and that means we want to spend time passing this new vision back to our deeper mind so that we aren’t working against ourselves.

We want to dream or to visualize about this with loving passion when our mind is quiet and we are most receptive in order to install the belief that we’ve made the change already deep down into our quiet mind. When we are up and about, we want to lovingly embrace the new self image we’ve adopted and give thanks for the change we’ve made. Giving thanks now as we act the part is essential for success. It shows that not only do we believe, we are.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Does The Law of Attraction ever bring truly positive results from a negative focus?”

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