Daily Nugget of Gold 618


Daily Nugget of Gold 618

The Wisdom of Lou Tice

It’s with a great deal of sadness that we mark the passing of a great life coach, Louis E. (Lou) Tice. Among many other things, Lou was an adoptive father of many kids and a wonderful role model in that he used self-deprecating humor with his own real life stories of what he did as a coach to help teach the right way to change our thinking and to improve ourselves so that we don’t harm others in our circle of influence.

“Learn to be happy along the way. If you’re happy only when you get what you want, then you can only be happy when you achieve your desired end results.” – Lou Tice

Lou’s work in helping people achieve more and have more harmonious relationships has gone a long way in making sometimes difficult concepts easy to understand and digest. His soft-spoken style and humorous presentations make for an enjoyable learning experience as well.

“You must create a vivid mental picture of the end results you want. Once you imprint that vision in your mind, you will become very creative to find information that you can use to help achieve it.” – Lou Tice

Lou firmly believed that if we are going to improve ourselves we need to start with our thinking. Whether it was performance on the field, or moving upwards in our careers, or leading a large organization, Lou knew that true change always happened from the inside, and then that change was reflected in our reality. In particular, Lou was for genuine, lasting, and spiritually pure change that enabled one to grow tremendously in this process.

“I want you to get to the point in maturity where you do this unselfishly, where you give with no ulterior motive at all, where you are primarily interested in helping people around you because that’s the greatest sense of reward that you can find. You make it happen simply because it’s the right thing to do, not to impress anyone, not because you want something from it. Your intent is unselfish. You’re motivated by love and justice.” – Lou Tice

“When you work in harmony with justice and love, the spirit of good intent can work through you. But it’s hard to work through you when your intent is selfish, bitter, resentful. If you align your spirit with the way things are supposed to be, then you aren’t the one who does those things – you simply become an instrument.” – Lou Tice

So long, good friend. Thanks for leaving us with a great deal of your wonderful work and philosophical wisdom so that we may be better for it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Is my intent based on love as I do what I do?”

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