Daily Nugget of Gold 620


Daily Nugget of Gold 620

Changing Negative Conditions

So often we are vexed by what seems to be things beyond our control. Many times we think of our job, our spouse, our current state of affairs as being more of something or someone we are subject to rather than anything we can change or influence. Napoleon Hill was the father of a boy who was born without ears, if you read the story in his book, Think and Grow Rich. Hill, while determining that his son shall hear, was confronted by his son’s doctors who were trying to console him that there were things in life that neither he nor anybody else could do anything about and at this time, they explained, Hill was facing one of those things.

Napoleon Hill’s response to this was that there was nothing in this world he couldn’t change if only in the way he thought about it. He went on to pray for his son hours at a time, and later noticed how the boy could feel vibrations from things he touched like their phonograph. Slowly, the boy began showing more and more signs of his hearing developing. As it turned out, his son Blair gained 100% of his hearing when the Acousticion Company designed a hearing aid especially for him. Hill was not really surprised by any of this because he understood the natural laws he used to have everything fall into place as it did. All too often we throw our hands up in defeat long before we even try to bring about the changes we desire, and then we look for external circumstances to blame so that we don’t shoulder it ourselves.

There are two basic ways of dealing with negative conditions, events, or people which will largely influence our ultimate outcome about them. One is we can put our focus on how bad the thing or person is, how much they are hurting us, or how miserable they make us feel. The other approach is to look away from that and look for the good about them or it and find opportunities for positive things which could only be presented to us in this way,, or through that particular individual. Our own focus will begin to morph into our reality as we witness The Law of Attraction working what was given to it. Are we frustrated, angry, sad, hurt, or depressed? Then the reality we shall meet with will be more like how we feel right now. Are we looking for opportunities and solutions with a positive attitude, do we have nothing but love and joy in our hearts and are we excited about what the future may bring? Then a positive change will be our destiny.

It’s not the condition or person who stands before us who dictates our reality, it’s what we have in our hearts and minds which will set into motion what comes next. Don’t like the negative situation or person we’re currently with? Change it up with a change in our own thinking. Remove the obstacles mentally and they will disappear in the objective world as well. In these ways we are much more likely going to effect change than by focusing on what’s wrong.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now to change a negative circumstance into a positive one?”

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