Daily Nugget of Gold 621


Daily Nugget of Gold 621

Belt Tightening

No, we’re not talking about dieting here, but the other thing we call “belt tightening” which is cutting back on expenses. We have some comments about this, but it’s a delicate subject when you consider how The Law of Attraction works. On the one hand, we may realize that we are spending more than we should be based on our means. On the other hand, acting like we don’t have enough money to meet our needs and especially thinking that way is a surefire method to get The Law of Attraction to kick in and insure we never have enough. So what exactly should we do?

First, it’s certainly okay to change our expenditures. Just because we decide to spend less, that doesn’t mean necessarily that we have less- we’re just making a choice of what to do with the money we have on hand. What we want to do is to drop terms like “cutting back” and “belt tightening” and instead view it as we described it here, a mere choice. Living below our means is a wonderful idea, and it’s one which can help create the mindset of abundance.

Setting up an automatic payment plan is probably the smartest way to handle debt, as Bob Proctor said in The Secret, because now your focus can be only on prosperity and abundance. Remember, you will get more of whatever you spend most of your time thinking about, so don’t only be wise with your money, but be wise with your thoughts and spoken words!

The most important thing we can do to change our financial circumstances for the better is to begin to mentally own more money and spend it wisely on the things we like and need in our minds. We want to make these mental pictures as clear as possible, seeing ourselves owning the nice clothes, the new cars, the nice house with everything we want in it and more. We want to be thankful now for it because in reality, we already have taken ownership by virtue of the thought in our mind. If we do this, thinking about how great it is as often as we can, then what our current situation is won’t matter. The only dependable way to make this future happen is to see it now, to own it now, to enjoy it now, and be sure to be grateful- you guessed it, presently. Whatever we focus on grows in our lives. What we think about, we bring about. Are you focused on debt and poverty? Why would you do that to your future?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Considering that what I focus on grows in my life, what shall I focus on- poverty or abundance?”

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