Daily Nugget of Gold 627


Daily Nugget of Gold 627

With All Your Might

We all have the urge to do more and to be more effective in what we do. This is a trait built into us for a reason, it’s a survival mechanism. Yes, it’s often true that we fall short in this regard especially when expediency or economy seem to be our greater motivations, but we do want what we do to be effective, lest we wouldn’t bother doing it at all. Fortunately, with a few pointers, we can further develop our ability to be more effective and to more consistently get the results we seek rather than have our efforts be for naught.

Consider for a moment what the emotion of love is. Love is a genuine caring for someone or something, a feeling which is respectful and kind, as well. While what love is may be difficult to put into words as we’re discovering just now- this is one of those things we all understand when we feel the power of this emotion in us and on us. Maturity adds depth to this understanding as well. It’s no mistake that The Law of Attraction is also known as The Law of Love. In order to get the most out of this law, we want to wrap every thought in the power of love. When we do what we do based on love, we are far more likely to be successful.

Jim Rohn said this about how to approaching doing what we do: “Resolve to put your whole heart into whatever you are doing. Start a little earlier, work a little harder, stay a little later. Don’t hold back.” -in other words, do what you do with all your might. What do you think he meant by putting your “whole heart” into it? Matters of the heart are synonymous with the application of love, aren’t they?

When we do what we do out of love, we are as powerful as we can be. When we do what we do out of love, we have leverage we cannot begin to see.

Put all of your heart and soul into what you do. Do it with all your might, do it with love as your primary focus. You’ll be stunned and amazed at how much more you can accomplish if you’ll just do that.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I make sure I do what I do out of love?”

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