Daily Nugget of Gold 629


Daily Nugget of Gold 629

Leaders Are Much Like You

One of the things which seems shocking to anyone who gets to know a true leader, whether that person is in industry, a religious organization, a military leader or whatever field they’ve risen to the top in, they are much like us. We often think of leaders are these super-people who are far and above what the average person is in everything they do- but anyone who has gotten to know a true leader knows that they are fairly ordinary human beings like anyone else. Why is that important? If you understand that, then you also understand that there is a wonderful opportunity for you to become a leader- providing you study and apply yourself in the areas of what the differences are between where you are and what they’ve become.

Leaders do make mistakes, and leaders are subject to human tendencies and even some bad habits or other human imperfections, but there are some things that set them apart from others and those things have lead to them taking a leadership role while many of us have not. So what are those things that make them different and give them that edge?

Leaders believe in themselves. Leaders have an unshakable believe in themselves and their ability to lead. Someone who may know them personally may say that their belief in themselves is unrealistic and perhaps that’s correct, but the fact is that someone has to lead every organization and everyone is human, so unless someone thinks they are capable of it and maybe more- no one would do it. Leaders are not only convinced they can do the job, but also handle anything that comes up along the way.

Leaders have a vision of how things can and should be. True leaders have a vision of where they want to take their organization or business and make it their primary focus. They think about that a lot, similar to how a young man thinks about a woman he’s courting to marry.

Leaders are driven to achieve having that vision become a reality. Leaders keep their focus on their big goal, vision, or dream. What they do is designed to accomplish the things needed to make it happen. Leaders don’t find themselves time squandering their time, and that’s because they think of what they want to do, their belief in themselves, and their desire to make it happen much more than other people do.

Leaders use the human resources available to them. True leaders attract dedicated followers who can help with decisions, who have the experience the leader may lack, and who have bought into the mission and the ability of the leader to call the shots and move the organization forward. The followers are a product of the other traits stated above, and have been attracted to the leader just as the leader has been attracted to them.

Just remember, you are not much different than a true leader, you are a human being just like them, the main thing that sets a leader apart is the unshakable belief they have in themselves. This isn’t based on any super-human ability, but is a trait you can learn and apply and become.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to increase my belief in myself?”

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