Daily Nugget of Gold 633


Daily Nugget of Gold 633

Selection, Magnification, and Reflection

Our experience of the world is governed by a few basic principles. Whether our experience is ultimately a blessing or a curse comes down to our own personal methods of habit as to how we choose to see things, and this is exciting news, particularly if we are currently unhappy in any way with what’s happening in our world right now. The reason it’s exciting is that since the experience we have is based on those personal habits of how we set our mental sails, we only need to change those habits to have a completely different outcome, one in which we can live in true joy and happiness.

Selection We get to choose what it is we put our attention on, and in particular, what we think about what it is we see from our chosen perspective. We can choose to get involved with something or leave it be. We can choose to think a thought or let it go. The power to make this choice is entirely ours unless we give permission to someone else to impose upon us. The trouble starts when we confuse our own ability to be in total control of our thought processes and other people’s input or even the input from an inanimate object as having the ability to be in control of our thoughts. The more we cede our control, the less likely we’ll find happiness. Every time we make excuses for why someone ticks us off, or how we think that “anyone would be upset by this” we weaken, by our own chosen outlook, our ability to experience the things in life we say we’d like to have. Remember, all this is habit based and we can change these habits- if we choose to.

Magnification When we are interacting with people and things in our world, we not only get to choose what we focus on, but also how much emotion we will invest for any given person or thing. Not only that, but by being selective in what we focus on, we can then give more emotional emphasis to one quality than another. For instance, someone we know and love has an annoying habit we dislike. We can magnify the habit, or we can magnify the gratitude and love we feel for this person and their other qualities. How do we magnify one and not the other? The focus, as we mentioned above, is up to us. Anything we focus on grows in our lives. The way to diminish a trait of someone or something is to mentally ignore it. You might say, “But I can’t ignore it, it’s driving me crazy”- but that’s you ceding your own ability to control your thoughts. Realize that you are in complete control and exercise that control by forcing yourself, at first, to think of something else- something positive that you appreciate rather than the negative you want less of.

Reflection What we experience in our world is very much to product of what we’ve been thinking about. What we choose to think about and magnify we get more of, and what we choose to ignore and not spend mental energy diminishes or disappears completely. This is not an easy concept to grasp because most people are brought up believing that they don’t have the ability to control their own experience based on their own thought selection and chosen magnification, but the truth uncovered and shared by enlightened people throughout ages is that our outside world is simply a reflection of our inner thoughts. That we can change our experience in life based upon how we think ought to be welcome news, but more often than not- people don’t accept this as true. What they do is up to them, what you do is up to you.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to always remember I am in complete control of my thoughts?”

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