Daily Nugget of Gold 635


Daily Nugget of Gold 635

Application of Gratitude

We’ve written about gratitude before and in doing so we’ve discussed about its importance when we receive anything worthwhile. Sometimes the things we receive aren’t what we expected or not the results we wanted, but we want to be very careful about skipping our application of gratitude for whatever we get. The reason for this is simple, gratitude is to be given when we receive anything of value at all- and most times when we get a result which was not wanted or desired, instead we are also given a learning experience in some way. Further, it’s not unusual at all that what we can learn from such an event is far more valuable than the thing we were seeking. Express your gratitude no matter what the outcome was!

The first step of obtaining what we desire is to be grateful for what we already have. That gratitude we show for our current state of affairs, or the thing we presently possess, or the relationships we have already is extremely important. We cannot look at what we have with contempt and expect to attract to us something better along the same lines because we are in essence saying we don’t appreciate the thing we’ve got now. To our subconscious mind, this means that thing that’s similar to what we have now is not desirable, even if it is better. If we hold a job, for instance, and we are not grateful for the things associated with it, such as- we earn money because of it, and enjoy whatever benefits it provides, then our subconscious mind might try and sabotage our efforts to land that dream job, based on our not being thankful for the current job. Both jobs have much in common, and often times our lack of appreciation of our current job is read by the subconscious mind as a disdain for any job.

Rejoice in the thing you currently have, praise its blessings and forgive its faults. Give thanks for all the good things you have with it and turn your attention on your big dream and as you see it in your mind give thanks that its begun its existence in your mind and is coming into fruition. By being consistent in being grateful for the thing in its current form and the new thing we want, we send no mixed messages to our deeper mind, and it won’t fight us as we go for a better deal.

Look it as a father who gave a son a gift of a car. If the son kept complaining about the car he received, it’s unlikely the father is going to be inclined to give him another. Always be grateful for anything your have, so that we don’t chase away the thing we truly want!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I maintain an “attitude of gratitude” at all times?”

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