Daily Nugget of Gold 636


Daily Nugget of Gold 636

Generous Hugs

Hugging is one of the best ways of showing another we care. With a big hug, we connect with others in a way that we can’t otherwise. A hug can show appreciation, love, value, respect, and kindness. A hug can be a way to show someone who is hurting that you care about them and what they’re going through. A big hug can say goodbye with meaning, and greet someone who has been away for a bit with warmth. Hugs can communicate “warm fuzzies” from one person to another. What are “warm fuzzies”? That’s the feeling you get when anyone does anything for you or you do something for them that makes us or them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

We should know that not everyone likes hugs but there are ways to tell if your hug or attempted hug isn’t being received well. If someone stiffens when you are hugging them, that’s a sign to back off. If someone only embraces you very lightly, that’s another sign. Of course, you can take the guess work out of it by avoiding the spontaneous route and asking first. Another way of asking is to throw your arms open wide and approach the other person, if they don’t reciprocate you can transform into a handshake or a fist bump. Keep in mind if you are a guy and you only hug pretty women, you’re headed for trouble.

Don’t get hung up on rejection, however. If you do, you’ll be too introverted to do this right. Your focus needs to be helping other people and making them feel good- and the while it feels good physically to give or get a hug with most people, your goal here is communication, not physical contact. Part of the proof of this should be in what you write when you come across a person either by texting, emailing, writing or whatever- you can express hugs like this: ((())) or a big hug like ((((())))), you get the idea.

Lastly, you may think you aren’t a person who enjoys doing this, and what you think becomes your reality so you’d be right. Change your reality by telling yourself, “I like hugs, I like giving and receiving hugs because it shows people we care” over and over and begin by starting small. Adding this new dimension to your communication toolbox will likely make a huge difference in your reach and depth in how you perceive others and how they see you, too.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I be more of a hugging type of person to better express my feelings?”

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