Daily Nugget of Gold 637


Daily Nugget of Gold 637

The Unspoken Thought of Judgment

We’ve spoken about the destructive nature of gossip before, and we’ve even discussed to an extent about how harmful merely judging a person can be, but we want to expand on that discussion a little here and add a bit of value to the chest of Spiritual gold we try to impart to our readers so that they can find more of the inner joy, happiness, and peace we’ve been so generously blessed with.

We know how hard this concept of not judging another human being is to implement through our own struggles with it, and even now we’ve not completely perfected this yet, but we definitely see the enormous reward to be had for pursuing this purification process of our mind. That being said, we’ve all grown up with at least some influences in the opposite direction and a few of us had come from a background which was nothing if not judgmental, condemning, and arrogant. The author is well acquainted with this topic by personal experience, being on the wrong end of this equation for a long, long time.

When we have found out what our true purpose in life is, in particular, this one nasty habit of being inwardly judgmental will rob of us our ability to truly put our heart and soul into what we do more than anything else. Every time we harbor these thoughts that “This person is a bad seed” or “She has evil intent” or that “There is nothing good about him at all” we are taken off our Spiritual path, and we step onto a different road which cannot and will not end up serving us in any positive way.

Every person there is, no matter how evil they appear to be has some good qualities, and many times even more good qualities than bad. Every good person there is has some bad habits or tendencies no matter how good we believe them to be. We can never, ever know the full story about anyone, we’ve not been raised in their world and experienced what they have gone through. We want to attract more good and goodness into our lives and the way to do that is to ignore those things we would usually condemn someone for. Let the judges do the judging. The best judges merely try to determine whether a person committed an act, assess how likely they are to do it again, and then apply the punishment which is appropriate for those things under our laws. You can be a judge therefore and still not be judgmental. If a judge can do that, shouldn’t you be able to?

Don’t let the urge to cast people in a certain light keep you from your Spiritual center. Begin practicing the act of noticing whether you are being judgmental or not and make the effort to correct it when you do. A much fuller, richer, and balanced life awaits you and the inner happiness and joy you’ll experience is beyond words. Look for the good in people, bless and praise that and look away from anything upsetting, unkind, or negative in any way. This way you will attract to you all of the great things you want and get less and less of the things you don’t. Your union with your perfect Spiritual self and the tremendous joy and happiness are yours for the asking. Take it from a novice at this, it’s so worth it in the end, it really and truly is.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to remind myself not to judge others?”

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