Daily Nugget of Gold 638


Daily Nugget of Gold 638

Opposite Attitudes in Giving

We’ve all heard it’s better to give than receive, and that’s really not knocking receiving- because that can be a blessed event also. Still, there are many reasons to give, among them are the inner feeling we have when we do it- which is tremendous in and of itself, but also that we find ways to be a blessing to someone who is wanting or needing something that we can provide. Keep in mind we aren’t solely talking about material things either. Giving of ourselves in a conversation, making sure we take the time and give the effort to make the other person feel worthy and appreciated is giving, too. We’ve heard about this idea that when we give it comes back to us multiplied, haven’t we? We want to expand on that point because there are some ways of giving which can actually come back to harm us in the end, based on what is in our hearts as we give.

When we give from a heart overflowing in love and kindness, we are giving in such a way that it will never come back multiplied in a bad way for us. If our thoughts are pure, and when we say pure- we’re talking about without want or malice and completely centered on love for the recipient whether or not that love is returned to us by them, then we are giving in the right frame of mind. Only love can be our return on this, based on The Law of Attraction- because that is where our thoughts are. The thing to remember is that this love may not come from the recipient at all, so don’t count on that. Counting on that is like we’re placing a demand on them and that would be counterproductive in our thoughts under this law. That would be a negative, for no one enjoys having demands placed on them.

It’s certainly possible to give out of malice. A person may ask us for something and we give it or give in to their request for our time or whatever- but we could do that and be angry they dared asked us, feel like we were forced into something we didn’t wish for, or worse, we plan to complain to others about this, using it as ammunition against them as we gossip about them and condemn them for what we agreed upon! We are all at once being judgmental and spreading that poison to others so that they may be similarly inflicted as well.

We could give out of sacrifice, which many people believe is the correct way to give, but sacrifice implies that we are taking something that is rightfully ours and with pain or discomfort, giving it up. Under The Law of Attraction, our thoughts of pain or discomfort are what comes back to us multiplied, not the item or service we rendered. Nothing material is rightfully ours, in the grand scheme of things. We bring no material possessions into this world, and we can take no material possessions when we leave this world.

The two laws that come most into play as we give are this Law of Attraction and The Law of Growth. The Law of Attraction will always see to it that what is in our hearts is what we get back from life as we give. If we give from a heart filled with love and a belief that we give from such abundance, then love and abundance will be the return. The Law of Growth sees to it that everything we do, good or bad, comes back to us multiplied so we had better choose wisely. Under the law of growth, a handful of seeds of plants which provide nourishment can only return the exact same kind. If we have a handful of crabgrass seeds, that’s the only thing we will get back, only multiplied in both instances. Give only out of love. Give from your own abundance, and trust that only good can come from it. It will.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I make sure I only give out a heart overflowing with love?”

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