Daily Nugget of Gold 639


Daily Nugget of Gold 639

A Different Path

This particular Nugget is about how we view obstacles, detours, and changes in plans. When we decide on a destination, whether it be driving somewhere, career goals, spiritual goals, or any of the million or more things we can fix our minds on- we want to be open minded and accepting or even excited about unexpected turns of events. We are never in total control of the route we may need to take to get to where we’re going! That means that if we believe we are, we are sure to run into conflict and disappointment along the way because life comes with no such guarantee. What we do have total and absolute control over is the way we react to the circumstances we are presented with, and the fact that we get to choose which destination we’d like to arrive at and through the power of our thoughts, how likely we are to get there. Understanding these principles will lead to a happier journey and a more joyful outcome overall.

When we come upon something which ultimately means we will not get to where we’re going by following the path we’ve chosen, we can have any one of a number of responses to this new information we’re presented with. Notice with great benefit, we didn’t say “forces us to change our plans” because an obstacle or even a person opposed to our plans has absolutely no power to place that thought in our minds. If we say it or think it, however, we have granted that obstacle or person to have that power over us, even though we didn’t need to. If we believe we are forced, then we are. If we believe instead that the person or thing which presented itself has opened up many new opportunities from which we get to choose- that will be our experience.

We were all born with the ability to think of things the way we want to, and having that choice we’d like to encourage you to choose wisely when it comes to your thoughts concerning what we call obstacles. Obstacles are really and truly nothing more than a signal that a different opportunity to reach our destination is being presented to us than the direction we first chose to follow. We were never supposed to get hung up on how to get there in the first place, our job is simply to decide where we wish to go and to keep that thought front and center in our minds as we get on the way. This way, no matter what the route is that we are taking, it’s all good.

If we decide to stop and give up instead of finding a different path, then we never really bought into the vision of the end result we said we wanted in the first place. If we were truly committed to the end result, then the path we take matters far less than getting there. Look at obstacles not as obstacles but as a wonderful opportunity to explore an unexpected but pleasant journey of it’s own. Look for all the possible ways to continue and choose what you believe is the best one for now and move on, and do so with happiness and joy in your heart. No one can stop you but you, and that only happens when you think you’re stopped. Believe in yourself. Believe in the goodness of this different route for it might just save you from going over a cliff.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I make the most of every so-called obstacle I see before me?”

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