Daily Nugget of Gold 640


Daily Nugget of Gold 640

Outspoken or Introverted

We all know people who are outspoken. These are people who are unafraid to present their opinion and perhaps recommend forcefully that theirs is the one, true, and correct way to think about something. Some people may refer to such people as “know-it-alls” or “loudmouths” because almost no one wants to be beaten into submission, even if in a verbal manner. We would suggest that it’s okay to be outspoken as long as it’s both done out of love for the other person involved and in such a way that does not make the other person feel belittled if they happen to disagree. Unfortunately, many-but not all- of the outspoken people we encounter have as their central goal trying to “make themselves look good” and the sad result of this is that it rarely turns out that way.

The introverted person may be that way because of some insecurity about their opinions or their perceived inability to explain why they think and feel the way they do. Introverted people make good fodder for the outspoken people, and outspoken people may enjoy dominating the introverted person, well, because they can. Or at least they think they can. An introverted person might be one who just chooses to live their own way quietly and not impose on others out of respect for them.

It’s what’s in our hearts that matters the most, as always. A heart overflowing with love for everyone is far less likely to be involved in much of the two harmful extremes presented here. Certainly, there are moments in life when being outspoken is called for and there are also times when keeping our opinion to ourselves is the best thing to do as well. A person motivated by pure, unselfish love need not worry about presenting their thoughts from either type of personality, because the application and sharing of love is Supreme. Remember that The Law of Attraction is also known as The Law of Love and whatever we think about and do will come back to us, and not only that, come back to us on the same terms we sent it out with. The law cannot respond in any other way.

If we heat metal in the United States, it expands. It does so in China or Africa, too. If we put water in a ditch, it seeks it’s own level, and it does so no matter where we are as well. The Law of Attraction will never return to you tainted love if what you put out was pure, nor will it return pure love if what you had was ulterior motivations instead of the love of other person with whom you were involved with. Be in the habit, then, of checking to be sure your motivations born out of pure love and nothing less. What you get in return depends on that.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Am I saying what I am saying out of pure love or something less?”

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