Daily Nugget of Gold 641


Daily Nugget of Gold 641

Purpose Driven Living

As we go through the steps to find our purpose and then test it and install our dream of it which we’ll outline here right now, we also want to be aware of the fact that this dramatic change within our lives may be met with some doubt or criticism, and we want to talk about that a bit, too.

To find out what is our purpose in life, all we need do is ask. We ask ourselves (Or if you prefer, you can as God if you are so inclined) as we go to bed at night each night- “What is my purpose in life, what is it I would love to do?” As we do this each night we want to be aware that the answer will likely come as a hunch, or a gut feeling, an intuition or such. We want to keep a completely open mind because it may be something we never expected, but when we receive that hunch, we want to put it to the test to make sure it’s the true answer we were looking for.

The way we put that hunch or gut feeling to the test is to begin at once doing something, anything, taking us in the direction we now believe we should head in. We don’t want to quit our jobs or drop out of school, but we do want to start right where we are and begin doing things which relate to what our purpose is. The test is in how that feels. If it feels like we are doing this with all our heart, if it feels great and feels effortless, we’ve found our purpose!

At this point we want to picture the end result of where this could take us if we gave it the maximum effort and clearly see that in our mind. We want to replace the routine of asking ourselves our purpose now with the routine of seeing this picture very clearly as we go to bed at night, and as we arise in the morning and any other time we can quiet our mind and then get excited about our vision, seeing it as achieved now and give thanks for it immediately. Everything we need to get there will begin falling into place for us as we need it to, if we do this daily.

Lastly, other people will notice this change. One cannot act in this manner without that happening. Don’t worry about that, most people will greet our purpose with respect and admiration that we are finally doing what it is that we are here for, but if someone doesn’t- that’s okay. Follow your heart, do what it was you were meant to do. Shrug off naysayers and get busy implementing any Inspired hints you get along the way from the hunches and intuitive thought which comes to you as a result of seeing the end result in your mind. Learn everything you can about what your purpose is about, be the absolute best you can be in the field you’re now pursuing and dream big! Give thanks daily that you not only found it, but that it’s a done-deal based on the fact you’ve envisioned it and given your heart and soul to the mission you now have!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What is my purpose in life, what would I love to do?”

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