Daily Nugget of Gold 642


Daily Nugget of Gold 642

The Importance of Forgiveness

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you.” -Lewis B Smedes

Most of us have the opinion that forgiving someone does them a favor, grants them a “pardon”, or excuses their behavior somehow. This is simply not the case, however. Forgiveness is centered in our own hearts and is something we can do without telling another soul about it. Forgiveness is independent of an offending person receiving punishment for what they did, whether in a formal setting like a court of law, in “the court of public opinion”, via Karma, or by some other means. Forgiveness is about freeing ourselves of negative energy, freeing ourselves of the destructive emotions of hate, resentment, jealousy, envy, frustration or other negative states of mind.

When we keep those negative emotions in our hearts, by The Law of Attraction, we bring more of these feelings into our lives- we literally attract them to us and they come back to us multiplied under The Law of Growth. This is all counter-productive because no matter how wronged we were by another party- allowing these negative feelings to stay within our hearts expands and them and reproduces them into far more harmful states of mind as a result. This is in effect saying to a person who harmed us, “Please don’t hit me just the one time, I would prefer to be beaten to a pulp!” which would be crazy, wouldn’t it? The power of holding onto the negative emotions will do exactly that, though. We must work through these things and reach a better state in order to avoid this result.

We can rationalize the event so that we take the negative emotion out of it. We can learn from it. If we believe in God we can see it as God having a greater plan which has not be revealed to us in it’s entirety. We should also understand that a person who inflicts harm on us will suffer consequences which we may not see, but will surely result under the same laws that holding our anger in would inflict even more harm to us. The Law of Attraction sees to it that no one can truly gain by theft or deception, but the punishment under The Law of Growth may actually be far more severe than we would ever know, such as the loss of health or the loss of someone near and dear to them. We don’t want to judge others, either, because in the process of doing this we condemn ourselves.

We want to truly forgive the offending party, whether we tell them about that or not. We want to get that hatred, that resentment, that frustration out of our own hearts and replace that with love so that we only attract love to ourselves in return. Forgiveness stops our hearts and minds from focusing on things which bring harm to ourselves and everyone we love. Forgiveness unlocks the prison door, the one standing between us and all that is good. Do this for you. Do this for those you love because now you can truly give from a heart overflowing with love rather than be controlled by hate and tainting everything and everyone you touch with that.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can have a heart overflowing with love in all that I do?”

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