Daily Nugget of Gold 644


Daily Nugget of Gold 644

Life’s Little Irritations

In this issue we’re going to discuss our pet peeves, those little things that people do- even people we really love- that annoy us or “drive us crazy”. We want to remember that whatever we focus on grows in our lives- so conversely: There is no irritant that bothers us less as we put our attention on it. What is happening here is we are focusing on minor negatives rather than the more important and more substantial positives. Suppose your spouse has a habit of leaving dirty socks on the floor, or flipping through channels endlessly, or burping loudly- and one or more things like this are like “fingernails on a chalkboard” to you. The more you concentrate on how these things annoy you, the faster you are draining the real love out of your marriage. Is that your desired outcome?

We can and should make a pact with ourselves that whenever we are annoyed by some sort of little thing that someone does, we change our energy from the negative to the positive by doing one or more things to take our attention away from it. We can use that as our signal to find 3 things we are happy and grateful about and see them clearly in our mind’s eye as we we think of them again and feel the feelings of thankfulness and gratitude about each one. We can vow to use that as our cue to do something positive for the other person right then and there. We can do something for them that will surprise them later by underlining that we love them and care about them.

Remember that all negative energy is returned to us under The Law of Attraction unless it is contradicted by positive thoughts and the feelings which overpower them. If we can move ourselves into a better state of mind by not getting emotionally worked up over petty annoyances in the first place, then we have less and less trouble in extending all of our love to another.

Let’s not complain about those things that annoyed us to others, either. Gossip is never a good thing, and gossip about the negatives of our own spouse, child, or parent is even worse. These seeds of thorny plants we sow will come and take over our own personal garden of peace and love and destroy everything we’ve worked so hard for in the process. Let’s shift to the positive states of our emotions whenever we are tempted to voice our dissatisfaction or distaste. Let’s keep love in our hearts and by that only attract to ourselves that which we have within, the love, the joy, and the wonder of the majesty of it all.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to insure that petty annoyances never rule my thoughts?”

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