Daily Nugget of Gold 645


Daily Nugget of Gold 645

Moving our Focus

So much of controlling our state of mind has to do with moving our focus away from things that put us in a negative state and moving our focus to those things which create a positive state of mind. We have exclusive control over what we choose to put our attention on, and no one else can dictate how we think about something. This exclusive control is every bit as important as free will, and in fact, is part of the blessing of free will. Now that we’ve said all that, most people don’t exercise the control that they could over their thoughts, but instead delegate them to reacting to whatever comes up and then play the victim to some extent in regards to what happens because of that.

We’ve said before that first and foremost, no one can control our mood unless we allow them to. Whenever we assign blame to anyone for making us mad, for making us sad, or hurting our feelings- we are derelict in our responsibility for being in command of our own emotions. We can decide to be happy internally despite anything that goes on in our outside world, we can choose to be joyful and thankful for all the blessings we have instead of spending our time complaining about what we lack. It’s important that we keep ourselves centered on the positive emotions and monitor our thoughts by being aware of whether we feel good or feel bad overall. Whenever we feel bad, we want to change that quickly back to feeling good by focusing on things that make us feel good. It’s really that simple.

What can shift our focus when we need something to? Any positive thought will do it. Think of what we’re happy about. Think of what’s gone right rather than what we think of as going wrong. Learn from every experience that isn’t what we want it to be, and be grateful for the lesson. We can listen to some beautiful or uplifting music, or we could sing if we want to. Make a list of things that can shift your mood so you are ready when you need it.

Let’s read and watch less of the news, because bad news is their stock and trade. If it’s really important, you’ll hear about it and someone always relishes telling us if something significant happens. We can also just do our best to stay out of the company of negative people, but even when we have to deal with them, we can keep our focus to what’s praiseworthy about them and bless them for that. In doing that we help ourselves by getting more good things and sometimes it even helps them– but don’t make it a project to “convert” them. Negative people are usually quite adept at converting others to their way of thinking instead.

The Law of Attraction responds to your dominant thoughts, not just the occasional positive thought as we go to sleep at night and do our visualizations before hand. So it’s not about being happy sometimes, we are literally “on stage” with The Law of Attraction, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The law will respond to whichever frequency we are on most of the time. Be in the best of moods at all times by giving generously of yourself and your personality to all you meet. You will attract then those things that you want, instead of the negative things you want to avoid.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I keep my focus on the positive things in my life?”

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