Daily Nugget of Gold 649


Daily Nugget of Gold 649

What You Want Already Exists

This may be a little strange sounding, especially if you are desiring something which doesn’t appear to have been created yet in physical form, but from the moment you think about what you want, you should do so with the mindset that it already exists. Another important belief you should have about the thing you wish to bring to fruition is that you are not apart from it as you are thinking about it. You want to be thinking it’s already yours, in seeing it as already within your possession from the moment you’ve created it in your mind. At that moment you want to be giving thanks for it because it’s yours for the asking.

All of this sounds counter-intuitive, of course. If we already possessed what we wanted, why would we have to ask for it, after all? We actually do possess the thing in question, be it a certain relationship, a physical object, or even something like wisdom or enlightenment. From the moment we create something in our minds- that thought that we possess is the seed of the object. The thought is actually a physical form in and of itself, but most of us don’t see it that way. The moment we think a thought, we have caused actual physical changes to take place, we have begun re-arranging physical matter and sending out electrical signals to the universe at large as to exactly what the thing desired is.

The physical manifestation of the object cannot happen without our thought making it happen. From the time we think it, in every sense of reality, it exists, therefore. That is the time we want to be thankful for it, right then and there. You may say you don’t believe this is true. Okay, so be it. It will not be true for you. You get to determine whether the thing you desire comes to you in the physical form you seek- but if you don’t believe it will do so, it won’t. Haven’t you noticed that some things you desire came true and some don’t? It’s all a matter of the level of your belief. Fortunately, we can improve that with practice!

Pay attention to what it is that you are attracting into your life and what you are attracted to, good or bad. Trace each thing back to the thought behind it, the mood you were in which created it, and this will help build that level of belief in your ability that you’ll need to get more of the things you want and less of the things you don’t want. Get in the habit of monitoring your feelings, and stay in the positive emotions more and more by choice. Also, get in the habit of giving thanks for all the things you want for from the moment of creation in your mind, they belong to you already. They only need to move from one physical form to another, but you already started the ball rolling by creating what you did.

Yes, all of this is a little bit different than the way you usually think, but that’s the point. If you want things to happen, and they haven’t been, then something must change from the way it was to the way that it will have to be in order for that to happen. You can find that something in the mirror!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How do I strengthen my belief in my ability to create?”

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