Daily Nugget of Gold 650


Daily Nugget of Gold 650

Blessing Creatively

Want to change your life in magnificent ways? Brainstorm ideas on how to bless others in creative, off the wall ways. From tiny things to big helps, there are so many ways to be a blessing to others and thus enrich your own life and send your self-esteem to the moon and the stars. You can do one act a day or a few or even half a dozen, but whatever you choose to do, you will gain more than you can ever give away. Why not pay for the next person’s coffee in line at the donut or coffee shop? We heard of instances where not only was this appreciated, but that the act got passed on and on to others as they came up. What a neat thing to be the start of chain of blessings!

Be a friend who listens. Not everyone will do this for people, but you can do this if you choose to. Compliment people on some noticeable trait like their positive attitude or friendly mannerism, or just how they look that day. Make someone else’s day by telling them how important they are to you. Give out a hug to someone who needs it, offer a ride to the little old lady in the rain with her shopping bags, but whatever you do, do it from a heart overflowing with love. Be in the best of moods to start out with and don’t get upset if someone turns you down or seems ungrateful. You aren’t doing this to elicit praise from the person you are attempting to bless, you do this for you- for the way you feel when you give of yourself. That’s the reward, that’s the main bonus, you adopt the traits of the people who you admire most for blessing other people’s lives whenever they have a chance to.

If you lack ideas you can go online and search out “Random Acts of Kindness”, there are websites devoted to this and nothing else! Still, it’s so neat to come up with your own whenever an opportunity presents itself. Do you see someone who needs help? Are you thinking in advance of leaving your home that you want to be a blessing to someone who has no way to pay you back? Do this because you love doing it, make yourself feel much better about you!

When your life is blessed by unexpected income, or even when you get a big paycheck, take a little extra than you normally set aside for charity or church and make a difference in some way. It doesn’t have to be gifts to organized charity, in fact- the best things we can do are often one on one, one heart to another. If you know someone who cares deeply about a charity, give a little to them so they can give it to the organization they advocate for. There is absolutely no limit to the ways you can be a blessing for others, just as there is no limit on the amount of things you can bring into physical reality using The Law of Attraction. On both, the universe is limitless in it’s abundance, just as you are limitless in how many lives you can bring sunshine into.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

In what way can I bless another today?”

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