Daily Nugget of Gold 651


Daily Nugget of Gold 651

Choices and Outcomes

One of the challenges we all face when attempting to be more successful at using The Law of Attraction to our advantage is to keep ourselves in a good mood most, if not all ideally- of the time. This is a good goal, but most of us also know that things happen along the way which seem to throw us in the other direction. We get into arguments, we have frustrations, we have difficulties, that’s the bad news. The good news is that we always have absolute control over how we react to things.

Whenever we get into an argument, there is this perception we have that the point we are trying to make is extremely important to us. It’s our values on the line, or it’s the “truth” which we are arguing for, maybe it’s our caring about the person we’re arguing with which is driving our passion. Arguments can and do get quite heated and even devolve into insult slinging, but even if they don’t- heated arguments always exact a price.

We want to get into the habit of taking a step back from things before they get ugly and say to ourselves, “What’s my desired outcome?”. Often times, if we really think things through- the argument is far less important in the long run than maintaining a great relationship with a loved one, or a smooth working relationship with a coworker. As we look at our desired outcome, it allows us to re-order the priorities we’ve set for ourselves about whether we have to “win” arguments, even if we know in our heart of hearts we are right and the other person is wrong.

Say you have a lazy coworker, for example. If you get into an argument about that with them, there will likely be more resentment and anger, resulting in even more slothfulness on their part and more frustration on yours. Forget what they do or don’t do. Give your boss 100% of you and don’t concern yourself with the coworker’s shortcomings, intentional or not. Praise and bless anything they do which is positive and let the other stuff go. Keep the big picture in mind, that outcome you desire. Under The Law of Attraction, the only thing you can get by putting your focus on the problems, frustrations, and difficulties with another is much more of the same.

You may say, “Yes, but if everyone just did their part, everyone would have it easier.” Can you change any other human being without their permission? Give that line of thinking up, go back to just doing 100% of what you can do. Give your employer your honest effort. That’s all they really expect of you anyhow, and that’s all you owe anyone. If someone doesn’t do “their share” don’t resent picking up the slack as long as you can fit it in the time allotted for your day, but don’t cut down on what you are responsible for personally to fill in that gap. If this other person’s goofing off is costing you the time you expected to be goofing off, too- get real. You’re not supposed to be goofing off in the first place, are you? Do your work with a glad heart, do all you can in the time allowed and don’t sweat what other people will or won’t do. You’ll be amazed how well this works out once you give up trying to be your peer’s boss. That’s keeping your own outcome in mind.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What’s my desired outcome here?”

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