Daily Nugget of Gold 652


Daily Nugget of Gold 652

Center Your Thoughts on Love

One of the things you hear a lot about when people discuss The Law of Attraction is how everything in the universe is vibrating, that all things on the atomic level and below are just a mass of vibration, and how all things have this incredible energy to them. Even The Law of Attraction is also known as The Law of Vibration! More importantly, The Law of Attraction is also known as The Law of Love. Why is that?

The Law of Attraction’s three most common names all give clues as to how it works. “The Law of Attraction” name is indicative of the law’s fundamental effect of bringing into our existence that which we are focused upon. Since we are emotional beings, whatever we focus on with passion we bring more of into our lives.

The name “The Law of Vibration” is indicative of how everything in the universe is a mass of vibrational energy, and there are many different frequencies of vibration. Scientists know that some vibrational energies produce harmonic effects- similar to how a glass goblet will vibrate along with a musical note played or sang by it, if the frequency is one which is in harmony with the structure of the glass. The reason this law is important is that certain frequencies of vibration resonate with positive things and other frequencies resonate with negative things. We are blessed with the ability to discern the different types simply by monitoring how we feel. The more we feel good, and by that we mean having feelings of love, happiness, joy, excitement, bliss, wonder, etc., the more we harmonize with the good things of the universe. The more we feel the negative emotions, for example: anger, resentment, rage, jealousy, hatred, sadness, etc.; the more we harmonize with these unwanted things in the universe.

The name “The Law of Love” is indicative of the side of this we want to be in on. We want to keep ourselves in this positive state at all times, and to be sure that all we do is based on love. By doing this we will never run afoul of The Law of Attraction because when we center our thoughts in pure love, we cannot hate. When we center our thoughts on pure love, we cannot be resentful. The state of mind we want to operate out of a higher and higher percentage of the time is love! Now, is it possible to reach an absolutely pure state of love if we are human beings? Maybe not, but we need to understand that everything good that we want is only available to us when we are centered on pure love. Whatever impurities we harbor within ourselves will by law be attracted to us as well, and we’ll be attracted to more of those impurities as well.

The bottom line here is this- the more we center our thoughts on love, the more The Law of Attraction brings to us all of those things we actually desire. To have this law serve us well, therefore- we want to feel good and we want to strive in all we do- to do everything out of love.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to insure I do everything I do out of love?”

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