Daily Nugget of Gold 654


Daily Nugget of Gold 654

Is It Working?

One of the questions we get about The Law of Attraction, especially for someone fairly new at making it work in their lives, is “How will I know if it’s working?” and that seems like a good question. Unfortunately, it’s also a question with a built-in seed of doubt, isn’t it? If we know that we know that we are using the law in making things happen, we really don’t need to ask, do we? Remember that this law can only respond for you according to your level of belief.

As you begin making the effort to stay in a positive state of energy- that is that you purify the love, happiness, joy, excitement, contentment- those feelings you have and build more of them by eliminating hatred, jealousy, envy, rage, resentment, hurt from your heart, the law will begin to respond by taking what you focus on as a desired outcome and begin creating the circumstances needed for your attainment of it. You do want to notice if something suddenly appears in your life that you wanted on any level, but you don’t want to be on the lookout with doubt in your heart for that demonstrates lack of belief. It’s a belief driven law.

Even people who are masters at having The Law of Attraction work, but in a negative way, firmly believe. “I always get sick this time of year.” or “I have such bad luck!” and “Why can’t I meet the man of my dreams?” are just some examples of the declarative nature of such people. The law responds to that belief and sees to it that the negative thing thought about becomes a reality, and does so over and over again. No wonder they are convinced their life rots!

Take a look around you. Has you life begun to change? Are you feeling happier, more joyful, or are you living in an excited state of anticipation? Are you more loving than you were 30 days ago? Do you forgive now far more easily and have you worked at releasing the petty frustrations and concentrated on being grateful for all your blessings? We must be able to answer “yes” to all of this before we begin to bring our level of belief up so that the law can respond. Here’s the thing though, by doing these things, by concentrating on feeling good by sharing our blessings with others, our lives will improve in significant ways on that alone! You won’t really need to ask if it’s working when it really and truly does, and if you are smart you’ll begin thanking now for those changes for they are indeed coming!

Whenever we see mixed results with The Law of Attraction, it’s only because we have mixed feelings in our hearts. This is why some people see their lives as alternatively blessed or damned, and it goes from one state to the other insuring that no progress is made beyond a certain amount, for if they receive a blessing then to them that means they are due for a setback. Remove this belief from your heart if it’s there. Stay on the positive vibrational energy by doing all that you do out of love. The deeper and purer the love you act from, the better the law positively responds to your wishes.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to purify the love for all people in my heart?”

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