Daily Nugget of Gold 659


Daily Nugget of Gold 659

The Honesty Test

When we consider The Law of Attraction and all it’s implications, we understand that there’s a witness to every little detail we attend to, every transaction, and every thought- and we are that witness. We always see ourselves in all we do, and we record every event in our subconscious storehouse of memory and our personality is shaped by that inner, deeper mind. Moreover, The Law of Attraction mirrors whatever is in our heart- and if we engage in the slightest dishonesty, it’s registered there and will be reflected to some larger extent in the reality of our world. We say to a larger extent because of The Law of Growth’s multiplication factor which comes into play in all we do.

Think of it this way- if you noticed that you didn’t pay for a pack of gum, that the cashier somehow forgot to ring that item up and you walk out of the store without paying for it- that action is registered first consciously, then subconsciously and then those thoughts gather more like thoughts to them as The Law of Growth, or in other words, The Law of Sowing and Reaping, gets to work on that. Under that law, all events, good or bad begin to multiply in thought, word, action, and experience. A good thought can only gather more good thoughts, and a bad thought can only gather more bad thoughts. The end result in thought is a cluster of like thoughts, much the same as a handful of wheat seeds plants a cluster of wheat or a handful of crabgrass seeds plants a cluster of crabgrass. Both clusters bear hundreds or thousands more seeds per plant, too! Unchecked, either could take over the garden over time.

Next, The Law of Attraction acts upon the multiplied thought product, not the original input. This explains quite clearly why theft leads to other thoughts and acts of theft, returning far more misery than the value of the original item involved. That misery can come in all forms too, not just financial loss. Does this mean that every act of immorality you’ve ever committed must be reversed? Well, no. What it means is you want to make a conscious effort not to do anything dishonest-ever. It means that in order to reverse what you had done in the past, you want to counter-act by always insuring that in all you do from now on, you go the extra mile to make sure you’re honest. Planting these good thoughts, words, actions, and experiences will result in the gathering of like minded thoughts around the original thought and The Law of Growth will insure that our overall output reflected back to us by The Law of Attraction is always positive.

The Law of Growth with it’s multiplying powers always sees to it that overall good is always rewarded and overall bad is always punished. Always. We cannot cheat these laws because we are indeed the ultimate witness and our heart always contains the evidence of what we’ve done because of that. That evidence will either convict us or set us free.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If we knew a dishonest act would cost us maybe 100 times more than the gain, would we do it?”

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