Daily Nugget of Gold 660


Daily Nugget of Gold 660

A New Ritual

We have many “rituals” in our lives because we are indeed creatures of habit. Someone may stop by a convenience store to pick up a cup of coffee or pack of cigarettes each morning on the way to work, another may bring a newspaper with them and read it a bit before starting work for the day. Whatever the habit or ritual is, it gives us comfort and assures us, in a way, that all is well. Other than that aspect of it, our chosen rituals don’t really serve us in the way of furthering us towards our big dreams or aspirations, do they?

What we want to do is take a look at maybe finding a way to add an empowering ritual or two to our routine so that we move forward instead of just keeping pace or perhaps even backsliding. Are you aware that every success store there is got it’s start in a mere thought? Often this thought came to the person behind the success story when an mental effort was made to find a solution to a problem, or to turn an existing success on a small scale into a large scale enterprise?

Take Ray Kroc for example. Ray was milkshake mixer salesman when he came upon The McDonald’s restaurant with their highly efficient business model and Ray saw what the owners of that outlet failed to see- that the concept could be duplicated across the country by allowing individual owners to license the idea from a central company. Ray saw in his vision that strict control by the company would be needed to keep the reputation that the McDonald brothers worked so hard at building and perfecting.

So what does this have to do with us and our rituals? If we are spending a little bit of time daily, quieting our minds and drawing from within as we work ourselves into a white-heat of desire for a better lifestyle, seeing ourselves living in abundance then when an opportunity like the one Ray saw will be presented to us by intuitive thought. When Ray laid his eyes on the McDonald brother’s restaurant, the first thought he had was he would be able to sell them a lot of milkshake mixers. Fortunately for Ray, he soon realized what a gold mine this concept was and he began excitedly to pursue this purpose and bring to the nation something that was lacking at the time. That concept was a clean, highly efficient restaurant with a simple, easy to duplicate menu that was perfect for our up and coming mobile society.

Ray didn’t expect that his financial success would be in building this chain until the intuitive thought hit him at the right time, and that didn’t happen by accident. Ray was prepared for it. How many countless others missed seeing what Ray saw, including the owners of the business themselves! Ray’s vision not only made him wealthy, but many others as well. Take time each day to dream and dream big, attract to yourself that opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Go for it!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

When can I make a little time daily to meditate and dream about creating abundance?”

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