Daily Nugget of Gold 662


Daily Nugget of Gold 662


You have a friend from your past who you haven’t thought about recently or spoken with in years. One day that friend pops in your mind. The phone rings, and it’s the person you just thought about. Weird coincidence? Or was this something more? You have just experienced a thing called “Synchronicity” and it can take many forms. People sometimes are warned of an impending disaster by having a gut feeling that they should or shouldn’t do something. A lost pet is found in a place the pet would never have been expected to go by an owner compelled to go there.

Is there a scientific explanation for this? No, not yet, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t scientifically possible- at one time mankind had no clue about how electricity could be generated and used- but that didn’t mean that the natural laws which have been discovered since didn’t exist- they did. One thing that’s pretty interesting is that we have discovered the quantum laws of physics to explain how things happen on a small scale, at the level of molecules or below, generally. While not all scientists agree on these theories, we have been using these theories for years to design many things which we use everyday.

One of the fundamental properties demonstrated by experiments is called “entanglement” where two particles created at the same time and then separated by great distances- do something to one, and the other responds- instantly. Instantly! That means that somehow or other information can travel beyond the speed of light- or maybe the particles in some way in which we don’t understand are co-located, or in other words, in the same place in some dimension we don’t yet understand- or there may be some other explanation. In any case, these studies suggest that there very well could be an scientific explanation for this event which has happened to just about all of us. We just aren’t sure what that is yet, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one.

Do you want to use this ability more? Believe that you can make it happen, intend for you to be able to do this and watch what happens. The more you focus on using this to help with problems or get in touch with people you haven’t seen in years, the more it seems you can make it happen. Try it! For the time being, science hasn’t overcome their taboo for investigating these types of events. Dr. Dean Radin, probably the leading researcher in things like this, says scientists aren’t even supposed to talk about the taboo, let alone what the taboo covers. The door is beginning to be opened a bit now, in part fueled by the entertainment industry. The reason why this is happening is simple, we all experience these things. We can’t deny it when it happens to us, can we? There is a presentation, a movie, being produced now on this subject and it’ll soon be available. For now, do some research of your own, though and by that we mean to try and make it happen more than anything else. When we stop being in denial about something, it’s amazing how things start happening.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I use my intent to reach beyond commonly accepted limits?”

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