Daily Nugget of Gold 667


Daily Nugget of Gold 667

Where It’s At

(In deference to a segment of the population uncomfortable with things labeled as such, we skipped a number- so you didn’t miss an issue)

In having The Law of Attraction work in our favor and not against us, we want to talk a little about some of the most important things to do to have that happen. The thing most of us need to work on more than anything else, and this includes yours truly, is state management. What is that? State management is keeping ourselves from being drawn into bad, upset, angry, frustrated, jealous, envious, resentful, or similar moods. We often regard moods as unimportant things, and some of us just suppress our feelings instead of looking to resolve them. By resolving them we don’t mean lashing out at someone, either- it doesn’t do much good to share a bad mood because that actually increases the negative energy and then that comes right back to us to roost.

The moods we’re talking about can be divided up to three main categories, so let’s deal with each one directly. These can blend into each other, but let’s examine them individually. The first and foremost is daily frustrations. These can be caused by events that happen that have nothing to do with anybody causing them, or they may be the result of our or someone else’s actions. Things like being stuck in a traffic jam when we’ll be late for something, a flat tire, spilled drinks and the like fall into this group. The key here is to put things in their true perspective. If you had a massive inheritance coming to you conditioned on you not letting little things get to you, we’re pretty sure you could muster the “letting go of it” part. In fact, you do have that in some form of abundance and it is indeed conditioned in just that way. Don’t let the little things get in the way of you receiving the big things.

The second is when someone hurts you in some way either intentionally or not. Some people argue that forgiveness is only appropriate if it was intentional. Not so! Look, forgiveness is not about them. Forgiveness frees your heart from being angry. Learn to forgive and go further and, at least in your mind, offer your blessings to the offending party. It’s important to know that you don’t have to say this to them if you don’t want to. Often just doing that leads to yet another argument and more hurt feelings. Forgive freely, bless lovingly and let it go- truly let it go.

Lastly we have those self-created moods of depression, guilt, low self-worth, and the like. Action cures most of these things. Get busy focusing yourself of being a blessing to others, do things from a standpoint of love for people. Watch your posture, you can picture what a depressed person looks like as compared to a happy, joyous one. Just assume and maintain the posture of a person in a great mood and it’s nearly impossible to feel depressed or guilty.

Make the effort to control your state. This is probably the biggest obstacle most people face in getting The Law of Attraction working in their favor- but absolutely no one is responsible for, or in complete control of, your state- but you. Notice your mood and set about changing it at once when you feel bad.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to manage my emotional state more effectively?”

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