Daily Nugget of Gold 679


Daily Nugget of Gold 679

Blocking Negativity Out

We have found sanctuary. An inexpensive set of headphones, with a computer, an MP3 players, a smart phone, or another device. With simple and possibly very inexpensive technology comes peace and joy right in the middle of none. With a little bit more of an investment, one step further are noise canceling headphones. Why should we have these things? Because nothing goes into our ears which doesn’t have some effect. Even when we aren’t particularly paying attention to the television while someone else is watching, or the detrimental music being played by someone in the background- our subconscious mind is always taking notes, always absorbing, always altering our behavior based on what it hears even when we aren’t aware of it.

Please remember, dear reader, that absolutely nothing is more important than keeping in a positive state of mind or vibrational state all day, as you dream about your desired goal in your visualization session just as you go to sleep at night or when you arise. Nothing is more precious than that to have your dreams become a reality. On Napoleon Hill’s list of the 12 things that constitute true riches, a positive mental attitude tops the list. You can practice forgiveness and blessing, you can rationalize away the little frustrations of the day and you can look for opportunities with every so called adversity- but if you fail to control the input into your ears, you are exposing yourself to needless negativity whenever you are in ear shot.

Of course, these aren’t the only sources of negativity. The news is full of it, and in fact- the more negative the news is the better the sales and advertizing rates for the media company providing it, whether it be in print, vocal on the radio, or on TV. Guard your eyes, pay scrupulous attention to what your ears hear, and learn to disconnect yourself tactfully from negative conversations. Notice in none of this did we say to fight with others over what they choose to avail themselves to. We can’t make personal choices for them any more than we can control them, nor should we if we want to truly be at peace ourselves. This is where accepting people the way they are goes a long way. Just retain the right to be in your own personal haven of solace and use mood lifting music or audio or video.

Does this seem to be too much work? Okay then, maybe you should ask yourself how much you really want change. If things are fine the way they are, if you don’t long for a much more abundant life, if your health and your well being aren’t all that important to you then maybe this won’t matter so much to you, will it? Perhaps it is too much work, then. We should always balance the effort with the reward and ask ourselves does it weigh or doesn’t it? Zig Ziglar says that’s it’s infinitely more important who we become when we achieve the goal than our receiving whatever the goal is. That’s something to think about. Remember that old computer programming jargon, GIGO- garbage in, garbage out. How much do you want true change?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do differently to create more solace in the sanctuary of my mind?”

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