Daily Nugget of Gold 681


Daily Nugget of Gold 681

Exacting a High Price

Suppose someone “makes you angry” or “hurts you” by something they said or did. Doe this ever happen to you? If you said “Yes” then we should to talk. Instead of getting into how no one can do this without your permission, let’s look at the damage it causes. You see, we never get hurt or angered just once by an event, do we- if we accept the premise that an event can do this to us in the first place? We tend to run through these negative experiences over and over again in our minds, don’t we?

In our brain, there really is no difference between running through something again after it happened and the actual experience we first encountered and remembered, is there? Don’t we get the same feeling in our gut each time we go over it again? We’ll grant you it may not be the same intensity as the first time, but that doesn’t automatically make it less each time, often we escalate it in intensity by adding similar instances that may have happened well in the past which magnify it further and deepen the negative emotional state of mind we’re in.

Now we can put the causation of this over-reaction on “associative conditioning” which is a big word term for bunching like thoughts, concepts, and memories together to understand their meaning to us, or we can say that The Law of Attraction is simply in operation grouping thoughts of like nature together, but either way- understand this- the feeling or state change we bring to ourselves in the process isn’t helpful. If we are already having a difficult time with someone or because of this event- it will get worse because we are not only focused on how bad it is, but also we’ve sent out invitations to every other related negative thought we have to come to our pity party and really turn this into an emotional disaster. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Some of the things we can do to turn this around are to focus instead on what we are happy and grateful for, and outnumber that original thought in quality and quantity. Feel the feelings of joy and happiness for having this person in our lives instead! The more we focus on that, the smaller any problem we had becomes. Learn how to truly forgive and then bless that person. “Learn” because so few of us practice this art at all, let alone become expert at it. We do this for ourselves, not to let the other person off the hook. Rationalize the thing away, and totally avoid dwelling on it- another great way to handle this.

Look, if someone could read your thoughts and told you at the end of a week’s time if you could keep your thoughts overwhelmingly positive, they’d give you a million dollars in cash- tax free- could you manage it? Understand that a million dollars compared to the absolutely limitless abundance that the Universe has available for you to claim as your own is like a drop of water in the Atlantic Ocean. Your thoughts are indeed being monitored, recorded, and reproduced as your experiences in your life. Give up the anger, give up the hurt- it’s not worth it! We become what we think about all day long. Do you really wish to be a petty angry, hurt, miserable person? Focus on joy, happiness, and prosperity instead.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to better deal with situations that alter my mood for the worse?”

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