Daily Nugget of Gold 682


Daily Nugget of Gold 682


Oh, we are just great at butchering the English language, aren’t we? Yes, we know it’s not a word, but we’re borrowing this one from Doctor Tom Miller who produced an excellent video series called Self-Discipline and Emotional Control. Tom explains in this series that demandingness is the most obnoxious behavior we engage in, and goes on to say that it’s when we believe we are our ought to be in complete control of the Universe. If you want to be more in control of this Universe, you had better study The Law of Attraction and get really, really good at making it work for you- but until the time comes when you are- it would be a good thing to begin learning that you haven’t been granted this power just yet.

Some people say liars shouldn’t lie. Why would you deal in such Mickey Mouse pronouncements? Liars are supposed to lie, that’s why we call them liars!” – Jim Rohn

Even when we say that this person should or shouldn’t, ought to or ought not be doing something, we are acting like we are in charge of their behavior, and we are not! The reason we want to learn to accept realities for what they are is that we don’t want to spend our time generating negative emotions in ourselves over situations which we do not ourselves have control over. In the series we mentioned above, Tom asks “Should have the Iranians taken the Americans hostage?” and the answer he gave is, “Yes, because they did!” Then he asks the appropriate question, “Do you think it was ethical that they took the Americans hostage?” That one you can say “No” to.

So why do we want to stop acting like we control the Universe? We want to give up this fantasy because of the negative feeling within the pit of our stomach it causes. We want to give this fantasy up because it opens the door wide to being judgmental and condemning, it calls to us invitingly to gossip about others and leads us down a path to a destination we never really wanted to arrive at- which is being totally denied our inheritance under The Law of Attraction.

What is that inheritance? The love we could have had. The joy we could have experienced. The financial security we could have enjoyed. The great health and well being that was ours for the asking. The inner peace and tranquility we otherwise deserved. Give up demandingness. Practice accepting reality and move on. Life’s too short to focus on negative crap, isn’t it?

Thank you so much for your help, Tom, you have made a profound difference in a lot more lives than you ever could know.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now to begin accepting people for who they are?”

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