Daily Nugget of Gold 683


Daily Nugget of Gold 683

Mastery vs. Casual Familiarity

Have you ever read a self-help book? Have you ever attended a seminar about improving the way you live in any way? Have you ever watched or listened to a presentation on something along those lines? Did you say to yourself- “Oh, there is some really good information here, I’ll have to put this into practice, it seems like it will really help!”? Did you do any of these things? The odds are that you have, didn’t you? Now, here’s the thing- did you really put the information you learned into practice fully? Did it make a measurable change at all in your life? If you are like most people, you’d have to admit it hasn’t. Why is that?

Old habits are hard to break. One reason for this is that we develop strong emotional attachment for the comfort we feel when we are in our usual rut. We may logically recognize the rut for what it is, but emotionally we aren’t so willing to leave that rut because we grow accustomed to it. It’s part of what defines our “I-ness”. The feeling we get on an emotional level when we attempt a new routine is a mixture of fear, worry, doubt, and stress. Now, after practice in the new routine- all of that goes away and will be replaced by confidence, happiness, courageousness, and comfort but before that happens we need to get past the shock of steering out of the rut in the first place.

Have you ever noticed that if you read, watched, or listened to something another time that you picked up something you didn’t notice the first time, that you developed a deeper understanding of it the second or third time around? If you want to really extract the full value out of something you yourself deemed totally worthwhile, you want to do it read it, watch it, or hear it over and over again. If you attend a seminar and they offer you an audio or video companion to it, do yourself a favor and don’t waste the money you invested in the seminar- buy the additional material as well because otherwise the likelihood is in two weeks time the seminar will become absolutely meaningless by being buried by all the other events that happened in your life since then.

How often does it take us to truly internalize all that we are reading, listening to, or watching? At least sixteen times, master motivator Zig Ziglar says. Now, why would he say this? Mr.. Ziglar has produced more information than we could possibly spend listening to, watching, or reading if we did each one that often- so wouldn’t it be counter-productive for him to tell you to focus on just a few of these things he’s done and master them instead of buying everything he’s put out? The reason is that this is what he found was most effective for himself as he learned and applied what he learned and he would much rather have you buy just one presentation he made and master it than for you to purchase everything he ever did, go through it just once and forget most of it. Does this make sense?

So here’s the test: Do you want to actually use and apply what you learn or just become familiar enough with it to know what you wanted to change in your life and feeling guilty because you aren’t changing a thing? The decision is yours!

Question of the Day to Ask Yourself

How can I make sure I master valuable, life changing information so I become what I wish to become?”

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