Daily Nugget of Gold 685


Daily Nugget of Gold 685

Unconditional Love

We’ve heard of this before, haven’t we? “Unconditional love.” Most of the time when we think of this, we look at it as maybe the kind of love we offer our significant other- husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife…right? Or maybe we look at this as the kind of love we offer our children. Perhaps it’s how we feel about our Mom or Dad. Most of us are great at giving this term lip service, but probably far fewer of us really put it into practice- and even less of us put this into practice with everyone we meet or even could think of. In spite of any possible negatives, can we still offer our unconditional love? If we can, we truly have advanced greatly in our ability to have The Law of Attraction work for us because the law is very much based on love!

Could you love- truly love- Saddam Hussein? Could you love with all your heart someone like Adolf Hitler? What about a child molester? Could you offer your unconditional love to these people? If you are like most people, you wonder why we ask such seemingly preposterous questions, don’t you? An extremely important point we want to make at this juncture is that we are not asking anyone to love what any of these people do or have done. What we are asking is to see if we can find it within ourselves to overcome our disgust with that and love the person. It’s okay to love them a great deal, actually. Through love, we have the best chance of reforming people like this who are with us today, and through love we have the best chance of keeping others from following in their footsteps. Maybe you’ve seen us quote this before:

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King got it. King knew that hatred of a person could never stop that person from hating another. We want to love a person in spite of any evils they may have committed, no matter how atrocious. This is what unconditional love is all about. It is the challenge to our hearts that no matter how awful and evil the deeds someone has committed, we truly forgive and offer our blessings of love to them. What do we mean by that? Not that consequences aren’t due- if they are, the person will in all likelihood face them. Even when the consequences don’t seem to match up to the crime, the person is still a human being with a Soul or Spirit, and that Spirit, not the flesh and blood human- is perfect. There is a marked departure away from that perfection in some people, but all of us are to some degree imperfect, too. Our Spirit is also one of perfection, and is in any case deserving of love.

As a judge in court may say upon sentencing someone to death for a crime, “May God have mercy on your Soul.” At no point do we want to harbor the hatred or evil that some people have in their hearts, but the only way to avoid it is to not have any even to the worst examples of human behavior- in our own heart. Not an easy standard to live up to, but so worth it. Love everybody. Wish for them redemption and/or enlightenment. Do the same for yourself.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I make sure I harbor no hatred, no animosity in my heart for anyone, but only love?”

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