Daily Nugget of Gold 686


Daily Nugget of Gold 686

Unforgivable Offenses

Well, don’t WE find ourselves in an odd place today! We have come to the realization that there are indeed offenses which are truly unforgivable! Imagine that! After all that we have written about in the arena of the importance of forgiveness and blessing, that some acts against us turned out to be unforgivable! We were dumbfounded to say the least, but in a very positive, pleasant way.

We came to this realization because in one public place we post our writings and posters for upcoming events, someone sees to it that our postings disappear daily. Yes, we have experienced a very slight moment of anger and frustration but our problem with forgiving this act is this: It’s been such a joy to learn from it, have fun with it, to use it in our mission, and to challenge ourselves because of it. In this way, we see absolutely no harm being done to us, but rather our life as being made far richer for the experience! We’ve always taught- for as long as we’ve been on this mission- that forgiveness and blessing are really essential, but the conundrum we face here is that we don’t feel that forgiveness is due here because we cannot see this as a negative.

What we can forgive about this is any anger, hurt, resentment, or animosity the person doing this might harbor in their hearts. Whether they keep doing what they are doing or not, we wish them to be truly blessed by being able to live without any of that in their heart, as we have been so blessed. The act itself of taking down our postings? There genuinely is absolutely nothing to forgive there- in fact- we are celebratory in the nature of what we’ve gained in the process. We’ll go into this a bit further to explain how this is a positive in our next installment- but perhaps we’ve grown a bit this time in coming to this “Uh-HUH!” moment!

The thing is, this has caused us to begin wondering if “what if” this same thing begins happening to any or all of the other frustrations we might have as we go about our day. Will this be the dawn of a bright new era of thinking for us on a personal basis? We are excited and anxious to find out! What a cool thing it is to be slapped upside the head with a reality based on a practice- an unexpected outcome, more exactly- that we never expected! Coming up, a partial list of the positives we saw in this situation, mainly because we were determined to find them and reap as much benefit as we could from what others would call a negative set of events. Stay tuned!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How often does an otherwise negative event become a blessing for me?”

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