Daily Nugget of Gold 688


Daily Nugget of Gold 688

The Dents

We teach about how to avoid letting negative events change our positive emotional energy and we are pleased to say that having been tested recently with two such instances involving dents in a new vehicle, we have passed the test. Jim Rohn advised that if you want to accumulate a fortune to “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” Ed Beckley put it this way- “Work harder on yourself than you do the money; money is attracted, not pursued.” We’re not going to say we’ve come to a point where we have mastered the art of dealing effectively with the negative emotions, but we have gotten far better at it than we’ve ever been before. This isn’t to brag, but to simply point out that it’s possible to achieve this. If we can do it, certainly, you can.

Generally speaking, when we have an incident like this happen to us, we immediately employ tunnel vision which blocks out everything else from our consideration and we get focused only on the negative thing that happened. Then we replay the event over and over again in our minds cementing the negative emotions and this draws to us more negative experience because they become our dominant thoughts in this process. Are $1000 worth of dents worth losing an avalanche of abundance over? We have the potential to literally earn billions and billions of dollars, but if we are in a negative emotional state we will literally let the possible earnings fly by. It does no good to suppress the emotions, however. The key here is to completely resolve negative situations on an emotional level so that there is no focus on them, either consciously or subconsciously. So how did we do it?

Immediately after discovering one such dent, we stated that “it’s a thing” meaning that things aren’t permanent anyhow, they can be fixed or replaced. It wasn’t an injury to a loved one. The other dent was easy to discover, a person hit us as they attempted to change lanes. They indicated they were at fault and were very upset about the whole thing. We immediately rose to the occasion to dissolve the negative feelings in them. We also immediately forgave them as we would hope someone would us, if we had mad a mistake We focused on our gratitude that no one was hurt, and in actuality, not much damage was done. We gave thanks for having a brand new vehicle, albeit slightly dinged now, and for not only being given the chance to love another as we love ourselves, but also to keep our main thoughts on our big goals in life, not these petty annoyances. We gave thanks for the teaching moment this will allow us as we recount this story again and again so that other people will maybe see the path to treasure.

We also noted that the time it’s taking to reach the positive state of mind is getting to be so short now with us that it’s almost instantaneous. That’s something worth celebrating! Now here’s the thing- it was difficult to get to this point but it wasn’t that difficult. All it takes is practice. The more we practice anything, the better we get at it, true? Now, since this is the biggest obstacle between you and everything the Universe or God- whichever or whomever you wish to call it- has to offer you not only in peace of mind, but in riches of every sort and every dimension- what are you waiting for? Dissolve this rock on your path to ultimate fulfillment now. You have the power, you were born with it. Use it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What can I do today to get better at staying in a positive state of mind?”

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