Daily Nugget of Gold 705


Daily Nugget of Gold 705

Dirt in Your Crankcase

In his wonderful book, The Magic of Thinking Big, David J. Schwartz, PhD asks how well your car would run if each morning before you went to work you scooped up a handful of dirt and put it in the crankcase. (If you are not mechanically inclined, this is where you would add oil to your car to keep it running smoothly.) He pointed out, quite correctly, that in no time your car would be idled by the side of the road, it’s engine ruined.

Mister Schwartz then explains that when you recall and dwell on negative thoughts in your memory bank, your mind, that it’s just like throwing dirt in the engine of your car. Your mind gets gummed up and bogged down, you get less creative and less able to give what you do your best. If you practice dwelling on negative thoughts, you almost completely shut down your ability to achieve anything. You have good memories and bad memories in your mind, and the more you recall one type, the more difficult it is to recall the other type. In other words, when you form the habit of thinking about your successes in life by dwelling on these thoughts and relishing them, the less likely the negative thoughts will be able to surface and interfere with your chances for success.

Beyond that, we voluntarily expose ourselves daily to one type or the other in the way of input, too. If we read newspapers, watch television, or listen to music- all of these things have an influence. They must, because anything you read, hear, or see stays in your memory– forever. Now it’s possible to overcome the negative things you’ve absorbed by becoming a positivity seeker. Look for inspirational stories of how people succeeded despite incredible odds, injuries, or other difficulties. Immerse yourself in works that show you how successful people did what they did, and we don’t mean learn how their business or organization ran so much as what their attitudes in life and in their pursuits were.

Evaluate your input, if you are watching a show where much of the time people insult each other, belittle each other, or how they live in jail, how is that going to help you? We become what we think about. What we read , hear, and watch we are both consciously and subconsciously thinking about. This goes for the Negative Nancys of the world, as well. (Our apologies if your name is Nancy)

Politely but positively find ways to separate yourself from as many of these sources of dirt in your finely tuned engine as you can. Keep your mental engine running at peak performance by regularly charging it with positive thoughts and input. Think of your successes not your failures as you close your eyes for the night. Share your joy with others so inclined, too. You were given an unlimited and marvelous mind, but what you put in it will either expand your ability or leave you mired in mediocrity or worse. It’s up to you!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to keep mind in top condition?”

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