Daily Nugget of Gold 707


Daily Nugget of Gold 707

You’re On Stage 24 Hours a Day

One of the things we like to advise students about is the fact that in reality, we are always on stage. What do we mean by this? First of all, we never know who might be in our audience, even when we are alone. Now before you get all creeped out by this, understand that one person in particular witnesses every little thing you do, in public or in private- you! You may say, yeah, but when I am alone, no one else is watching me, so it doesn’t matter what I do in private, it’s private! Guess what- you are consciously and subconsciously watching everything you do, and while you might think you will keep it a secret from the world- you can’t.

Only about 15 percent of our communication is verbal and what you say verbally may give you cover, but the truth can be detected in your non-verbal clues, things like stance, muscle tenseness, movement, eye contact, and even vocal inflection. All of these things can convey attempts to be less than we can be, can reveal the lies and half-truths, and reveal our heart’s intent. We haven’t even touched on intuition, either. That adds another wide range of reception into the equation.

Another reason we say “You’re on stage 24 hours a day” is that whenever you do anything professionally or casually, on the job or off the job, people who might help you move ahead are watching. Suppose your dream is to have your own restaurant someday. If you are working at what you believe is just a crappy job in a crappy restaurant, and you treat that job that way, a potential investor might walk right by you. On the other hand, if you put your heart and soul into your work with devoted passion, a person who might be looking to invest in someone deserving of a chance could be on the lookout for someone just like you. In fact, if you do the other things we suggest about getting The Law of Attraction working for yourself, keeping yourself in a positive state of mind and dreaming about the big goal you have and giving thanks because the dream is already accomplished in thought form; you can just about count on the fact that the money will show up that you’ll need to get started. You just won’t know from where or from whom it will come.

Since you are always on stage, this means there is no time for you to be nasty, negative, or vicious, unless you wish to lose what you might have otherwise gained. So often we think that our behavior isn’t being watched, but it is. If by no one else, we ourselves see it and record it for all eternity. The way to insure that our own negative behavior and thinking doesn’t come back to bite us is that we need to reduce it to an absolute minimum and insure that our positives far outweigh our negatives. We’ll never be perfect, but we ought to strive for as close to perfection as we can get in our mind, heart, and soul.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to remember that I’m on stage 24 hours a day?”

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