Daily Nugget of Gold 709


Daily Nugget of Gold 709


At one time people in business had this silly notion that when you were waiting on a customer, that it was downright rude to be talking on the phone at the same time. Since then we’ve evolved past that and it appears that we’ve even come to the very logical conclusion that the customer is really a secondary concern, that whatever we’ve got to do on the phone is really of primary importance to us, and if the customer needs to just chill out and wait a while for us to get around to them, that’s just the way it goes. Essentially, the advent of inexpensive, unlimited service from the cellular industry has helped us become enlightened to all of this. This truly is a marvelous age to be living it!

Of course, we’re being sarcastic here, but we do it in this manner to drive home a point. The point we’re making here is that we treat customers in this manner to our own detriment. Oddly enough, most supermarket managers get it. Unfortunately, a huge amount of convenience store owners and employees do not. Well, that’s unfortunate for them, anyhow. If you are one of the lucky few owners or employees of such who find ceaselessly listening to your brother or your friend complain not to be helpful, then you can attend to the needs of the customer without having to have the customer annoy you into putting that conversation on hold.

The idea of putting the customer first has lost a lot of ground, that’s for sure. This series is not about negative situations except on how to rise above them and benefit from them, and this is no exception. The fact that so many people in retail and, of course, other types of business as well don’t get what excellent customer service is about creates a tremendous opportunity for those who do. In actuality, it really has always been that way- cell phones are just the latest excuse for ignoring the customer. In the past, a friend or relative stopping by and chatting may have been the excuse, or a clerk too busy stocking a shelf, but there has always been this sort of behavior out there with some people in business.

For those people who really want to succeed in business, there is gold to be found in getting to know your customer, in catering to their wants and needs, and in giving more of service than absolutely necessary. It’s “Going the extra mile” as Napoleon Hill put it, and he also keenly observed, “Most people don’t even go the first mile.” True. YOU be the exception to the rule, especially if you are interested in earning exceptional wages for your work. Your present employer may or may not provide you with the pay you deserve when you do, but rest assured people will see how valuable you are, even if that person is the customer themselves in your own place of business. Do right by the customer and they’ll flock to your door.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to insure I put other people first in business and in my life?”

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