Daily Nugget of Gold 710


Daily Nugget of Gold 710

Be The First

When you walk by someone on the street, or when you see someone at the door of a store, or when you meet people in general, are you the first to say something? Here’s a little experiment you can run to show you just how easy it is to get a more receptive response from people in general, be the first to talk! Not only should you be the first to talk, but give a warm, friendly greeting that says “It’s so nice to see you” even if you don’t say that whole thing- put that sort of receptivity into your voice, gestures, and mannerisms. Give a big smile and greet the other person cheerfully- and watch what happens.

You can take all of this a step further and observe for yourself that if you say “Good morning!” in this fashion to people in the afternoon and evening, nearly everyone replies “Good morning!” back to you, or at least will begin to say it back before realizing that it’s not morning. People respond to what you put out, if you put out a half-sincere, muted “good morning” you’ll get that back as well, or maybe they’ll just mumble something back or nod to you.

When you meet someone be the first to offer your name, “Hi! I’m John Smith! I am glad to meet you!” goes a lot farther than you waiting for someone else to speak first. I’ve you’ve heard anything at all that’s complimentary about the person you’re meeting, say, “I’ve heard some nice things about you” or something similar. Remember to be as cheerful as you can and do the little things that convey genuine interest in them, hone in on what their name was and ask for their help in pronouncing it correctly. A good thing to do is to try and use it a few times right then and there as you speak with them and make a real effort to commit it to memory. People love it when you greet them this way and treat them special.

Along the lines of treating them nice- do this- find something you can notice that is a positive trait about them or their appearance and give them a sincere compliment or praise on that. Ask questions about something they do such as their occupation and how long they’ve done that and then ask a follow up question or two about that. In other words, take a genuine interest in them and what they do- and if you aren’t that interested- start practicing it anyhow. Begin telling yourself that, “people and their stories fascinate me”, and in a short time- they will!

Success is all about the little things you master and put into practice and while these are all simple little ways to break the ice with people, they go a long, long way to increasing your own likability. That goes a lgreat distance helping your own financial status, for this reason among others- if you have income, then you pretty much have to derive that income from some other person- and if people genuinely like you, you’ll make that an easy transaction for them.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to make sure I make the first move in friendship?”

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