Daily Nugget of Gold 711


Daily Nugget of Gold 711

Mindset for Attraction

It’s a fact that whatever we are thinking about, we attract more of into our lives. Now it seems strange that if we are focused on our lack of money, that the lack of money is what we attract into our lives. You may say, “But I want more money, not less” and that’s true, but when you have the mindset of ‘want’ then your real focus is on your lack. Wanting IS lacking, isn’t it? Does this seem to be a little confusing to you? Well, it does to most people. The fact is, however, that most people in life think exactly the way you do, and the result is that most people don’t have significantly more than you do, either. Some people around you have less, but not by a significant amount either. This is the result of the dynamics of group-think, and the upshot is that what we believe we ought to have compared to the group is where our thoughts are centered.

Now our society here in America has one standard of living in mind in general and other places have another- and it’s just as difficult for them to think differently as it is for you. Most countries have a lower standard of living, a few have a much higher standard of living. These are all things playing into the group-think mentality for their local economies- but a group does not have any real control over the standard of living of the individuals in the group, except that the individuals cede their control to the group. Think about that for a bit- and in order to get it- think of the exceptions. There are always exceptions to the group and the exceptions go in both directions, too.

So what can we do about all of this to change our results as it relates to money? Do the things the exceptional people you wish to join do, and you’ll arrive. The exceptional people in America who are lower in standard of living have certain habits which if you’ll just adopt them, you’ll go where they go economically speaking. Ed Beckley advised, “Look at what the poor people do and don’t do it.” if you want to become wealthy. So what do the wealthy do that the poor and the middle income people don’t do? They dream about their goals, they see themselves accomplishing what it is they want to accomplish. They share their wealth with others because they understand that in doing so, they are demonstrating to their own subconscious mind that they have more than enough and in so doing, keep the flow of abundance coming.

Probably the biggest hang-up poor and middle income people have is grasping that they already live abundant lives if they would just look for all the blessings they have and take at least some portion of that and give it away. There’s always someone less fortunate, there are always people who would benefit by our doing so, but if we are ever to escape the lack or want we have attracted to ourselves in the past, we must think differently than we were before. We must take on the mindset of wealth, that we already live an abundant life and then the riches will flow to us as a result. It takes time to overcome the bad habits of group-think, but there is definite proof in the exceptions to the rule that it’s possible. We just need to make a marked change in our thinking to make that happen. Does that make sense?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to change my thinking for the better- right now?”

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