Daily Nugget of Gold 723


Daily Nugget of Gold 723

One Thing, Not Two

How do you look at poverty and wealth? When you think about these things do you imagine them to be polar opposites? Did you ever imagine that they were actually two points on one plane of existence? What do we mean by that?

Let’s look at the idea of being cold and warm, for example. If you’re cold, you seek to create warmth. If you were camping, for instance and you felt cold, you’d get about the business of building a fire, wouldn’t you? We wouldn’t spend our time fighting the cold so much as we would put our minds on becoming warm, because cold is merely the absence of warmth, isn’t it? There are many things in life that work the same way. Evil isn’t a polar opposite of good, it’s the absence of it. Now this may be hard to grasp at first because we’ve become conditioned to look at these things in the other way, but this is the truth and it’s fundamental.

One thing we’ve noticed is that so often people bind themselves up in fighting poverty whether in their own financial sphere, or in the lives of others. Are they successful at it? By fighting poverty as a nation we’ve thrown trillions of dollars at this condition yet the condition remains. We cannot cure poverty with the application of money in this way and the reason is very simple, it’s not so much a condition, but a mindset. This may be strange for you to think of in that regard for we usually think of poverty as the absence of money, just add money and the problem disappears, right? No, you can temporarily postpone the symptoms of it but the symptoms will reappear and the underlying disease of poverty thinking will make itself known again.

If we want abundance, we want to fix our minds on creating abundance in our lives. The first step in doing this is to be happy and grateful for what we have already, no matter how meager. In this way we are not condemning anything we have now but rather praising what we want more of. If the carpeting in your house is worn and tattered, then condemning it won’t bring something better for you’re condemning the very thing you wish to attract into your life. If you want something better, see and feel the good in what you have so far and the thing you want won’t take wings and fly away from you any longer.

This is literally how we turn away from having a mindset of lack into having a mindset of abundance. When we have a mind focused abundance and see the abundance in our lives for the good it brought us already, then we are going to be living a more abundant life no matter how little we have in the bank account right now. Conversely, if we focus on our lack of material possessions, or how little we have in the bank at the moment then these things will never change. In order to create abundance, we must be thinking of abundance. Dwell on the idea we presented about building a fire in order to get warm for a bit, and you’ll begin to realize that cursing the cold will not help you get warm no matter how sincere you are in your condemnations of it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to change the way I think about my finances for the better?”

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