Daily Nugget of Gold 725


Daily Nugget of Gold 725


One of the most important intraspective activities we want to be involved with in our pursuit of having The Law of Attraction work for our benefit is to discover and remove the obstacles we’ve placed in our own way. We want to get really good at “allowing”. If we want something in our life, yet we haven’t made room for it, then we really aren’t very serious about acquiring it, are we? For instance, if we have a only one car and desire to have two cars, and we have a two car garage but we’ve filled one stall in it household storage, then we aren’t yet in the mindset of allowing the dream to become a reality. We haven’t produced a place for the thing, either mentally or physically.

This might seem like an odd thing to have to do, but so much of what we do in a physical sense reveals the underlying the thought patterns which, of course, are what The Law of Attraction respond to. Michael Losier in his book, The Law of Attraction, recommends that if we were a salesperson seeking more clients, we might want to mark our appointment book’s open spots with “New client goes here”. This expectation creates a mental vacuum in our mind which The Law of Attraction works then to fill.

Dr. Joseph Murphy in his book, The Power of the Subconscious Mind, tells the story of a woman who desired a new mate in her life but had her closet and dressers full with her own things. When she grasped the importance of allowing, she cleared out half of her closet and drawers and the void she created both mentally and physically was soon filled by the perfect mate for her. She had spent a long time seeking such a mate, but until she demonstrated she was ready for one, nothing happened. In order to receive something via The Law of Attraction, we need to be ready for it.

We want to make sure our actions don’t counter our desire, because when they do they can block the things we seek from coming into our lives. Allowing is a simple concept to understand, but it is no minor thing when it comes to the law. The law responds to our dominant thoughts, and if we have any negative notions about the chore of making space for that which we seek, then the item cannot materialize based on those thoughts. Being physically ready for something powerfully calls what we want to us because we demonstrate the expectation of it’s arrival with our actions.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How have I made room for what I desire to happen?”

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