Daily Nugget of Gold 726


Daily Nugget of Gold 726

Are You Creative?

In his book about finding the intersection of what we are passionate about and good at doing in order to maximize our happiness in life, entitled The Element, Ken Robinson makes the point that if you ask a group of kindergarteners who among them think of themselves as being creative, nearly every hand goes up. He then said asking the same question to a group of college students would result in very few affirmative responses. How is it that somewhere between kindergarten and college we lose this image of ourselves? It’s an important question to ask because how you see yourself will dictate what your reality turns out being.

Why do most of us see ourselves as not very creative? There are several reasons. First, we’ve all known of students in kindergarten and soon afterward who excelled at art, and by art, we don’t really mean all of art, but the narrow definition schools tend to focus on the most, visual art. We see these students held in high regard by their teachers and classmates and we begin to draw comparisons to how we ourselves rate on that scale. Another reason young people lose the self image of being creative is that when people are creative, often times others will make fun of them as being weird or different in some way. Teasing goes a long way in destroying the motivation we have to “think outside the box”, conformity demands we “draw only within the lines” as it were.

We were all born with an unlimited capacity of creativity, but our own opinion of ourselves determines how creative we actually are more than any other factor. If we cease believing in this creative ability, we cease demonstrating it. Does this make sense?

So how do we reverse this trend? We need to know that creativity takes many forms, and of course, some of us discovered that. These people not only have found this out about themselves but they also pursue it with gusto, often caring little about what others attempted to do to them as far as stifling their creative expressions. Some people who would otherwise have given up following the dream of being a creative person themselves were very fortunate to have found a mentor who encouraged them to pursue their passion and thus, excel at it. If you don’t fall into one of those categories, and you don’t currently think of yourself as being creative, the good news is that you can still do so.

Begin at once to call yourself creative. Whenever you come up with anything unique, no matter what form it takes, understand that was your creative abilities at work. Get together with people who are creative in the forms that you are most creative with and let them help you draw from yourself your own expressions of creativity. Remember, you have an unlimited amount of creativity, but the way maximize this by doing not only what we are passionate about, but what we’re good at as well. When we combine these two things, there is nothing which can stand in our way as we begin to put them in play. Make it happen, you have the ability and the drive to create, just do it!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now to expand my self-image in regards to being creative?”

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