Daily Nugget of Gold 727


Daily Nugget of Gold 727

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

We logically understand what the title of this piece says, that our past results we’ve had won’t always equal what happens in the future. For most of us, this is welcome news. We’re fairly good at screwing stuff up sometimes, aren’t we? We go over conversations after we’ve had them and think or say, “I should have said…” this or that in instead. We look at the things we’ve done and with hindsight, we see we could have or should have done it another way. Now if you’re achieving phenomenal success in your life right now, this title also bears the warning that just because you are succeeding in this moment, that doesn’t equate to your always being successful from now on, it works both ways, doesn’t it?

If you’re not where you want to be right now, understand that what you’ve done up to this point doesn’t matter a hill of beans because you can always change it. You can begin doing the things you need to do to become more successful starting right now. There is absolutely nothing in your past which limits you in any way as far as creative ability goes right now. That’s great news!

Most of us have beaten ourselves up mentally be believing that our past results dictate our future success, but that’s not true. Now is what counts. Now is all you’ve got to work with. If you spend your time trying to change your past, you’re moving backwards. If you are spending your time planning your future but are doing nothing about driving that plan down into your subconscious mind then you are wasting your time as well.

Be bold when you decide what you want to do, tiny long range goals rarely inspire us. What gives us the creative urge we need to make something extraordinary happen is that combination of joyful excitement of being on an important mission mixed with something which takes us out of where we are comfortable at now. We should feel a little scared by what we’ve decided to do and that little bit of an edge will keep us growing and get us to pay attention to what it is we’re moving through.

The only thing we need to concern ourselves with right now is deciding exactly where we want to go and as we do this, it should be something big enough so that when we look back on it, we realize that the only way we ended up where we went was because we followed this dream. We did the work involved in getting the seed of the idea planted deep in our subconscious mind and from there everything we needed towards it’s achievement will have been brought into our world for our use in getting there. If you don’t know how to plant such a seed you won’t want to miss our next get-together because we will discuss a few simple ways of doing this. For now just understand that you have nothing in your past which can stop you, nothing can get in the way of you being and doing anything you want to be and do! You have the ability!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What can I do today to plan for a different future than what was my past?”

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