Daily Nuget of Gold 729


Daily Nugget of Gold 729

Your Sphere of Influence

You are a Spiritual being. You are a Spiritual being having a physical experience. What you are on a Spiritual level is absolutely perfect. If you want to bring yourself in harmony with that perfection, you want to learn how to go deep inside yourself and draw this out. Love is the essence of you in the Spiritual sense, no matter how far we may have deviated from that Spiritual center, at the core of our very being, we are love. By going deep within our Spiritual center, we will find the strength and the ability we need to powerfully move us closer to the people we love and the dreams and aspirations we ascribe to. So how do we get there and what can we really accomplish once there? These are the magnificent questions we want answers to.

Going within requires some quiet, meditative thought. There are many ways to meditate, and we need only become accomplished at one effective method that works well for us. From within we can find the peace we seek to operate from in the outside world. From within we can begin to wrap our thoughts in love about ourselves as a human being, we can begin to learn how to forgive and we can start by forgiving ourselves and then work outwards from there.

If you are a Spiritual being, it’s not because you are unique in this regard, it’s because we all are Spiritual beings and while it may be hard to comprehend, in this way we are all connected. This explains why the person you were about to phone was on the other end when you picked up the phone, how two of us have a thought at the very same time which was the same even though it was totally unrelated to the conversation we just had. We do have the ability to tune into each other, because we are on this level connected by Spiritual law. There is an amazing thing that happens when two or more people bond together in harmony and think towards a common objective.

Napoleon Hill likened what happens next to the formation of a third mind. He called this The Mastermind Principle, but if you look deep within yourself and really get to know who you really are, you will understand that you are one expression of the same Spirit which another person is part of and they are another unique facet of the same Spiritual center. The fact that you can harmonize perfectly in such ways is more proof of the commonality of a Spiritual core. As you tune into what other people really want, and you try your best to help them, you open the door to the abundance available to you so that you can have whatever you want as well. Your Spiritual happiness is based on doing for others out of the love deep within your heart. This is when you feel the greatest joy life has to offer.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to get to know my Spiritual self much better?”

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