Daily Nugget of Gold 730


Daily Nugget of Gold 730

Enthusiastic Optimization

Do you want to make a difference? There’s a method to it which is unbelievably powerful and it’s so simple that many people don’t give it a second thought. If you’ve decided what your purpose in life is then this is especially true because it will give you the strength and poise you need to get more done because you will be maximizing your ability to move people in the direction you’re heading.

It’s important to be enthusiastic, but effective enthusiasm is not being loud when it’s inappropriate to be so, it’s an application of measured intensity to take any situation to a higher level of energy than where it would otherwise be, even if the atmosphere desired is a tranquil state of peace or calmness. That may sound like a strange juxtaposition, but that is where the observation and keen awareness of what is versus what’s desired comes in. The fun part of all of this is when we put this into practice is just seeing how our surroundings take on the attitudes we ourselves present to it.

In meeting someone for the first time or even meeting someone familiar, we want to express warmly and genuinely that we have their interest at heart, not with words to that effect, but with the feelings we convey through what we are focused on before we meet them, while we meet them, and even afterward. We want to convince ourselves of this attitude so that we completely honest in our presentation of ourselves to them, we want to see everything about them as the primary reason we’re there and make them feel important and meaningful. Even when the person before us seems to be there for some adversarial reason, we want to melt away any bitterness with a warm and friendly greeting.

Optimizing our enthusiasm is using the right level of intensity at the right moment, and this takes some practice. Naturally, anything we practice at and observe how we’re doing with it, we can improve. All of our thoughts should originate from a passionate center, though, if we want to be as influential as we can be. When we decide to defuse a situation that’s at a level that’s not desirable, and inner calm is what we passionately embrace and we do this with clarity of purpose and an infectious relaxed attitude.

Ideally, when working with others, enthusiasm is always being engaged, but being engaged is not the same thing as running at full throttle. To be enthusiastic in relationships is to have a genuine interest in them with an excitedly warm attitude. This attitude of mind will take you much further than you could otherwise go in life.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I get better at being an enthusiastic person?”

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