Daily Nugget of Gold 731


Daily Nugget of Gold 731

Are You Making Progress?

One thing about life is we tend to take the status-quot for granted, we become comfortable right where we are and often neglect making measurable progress in reasonable time. There are several areas of our lives which we should actively monitor in order to make sure we aren’t getting stuck do to lack of attention. Here are some:

Spiritual- Are we making progress in getting in touch with our Spiritual nature? It’s so easy to forget that we are Spiritual beings first and foremost, and if we do, we begin to operate from a lower level of existence. This will cause more problems in our lives than anything else might we neglect because our Spirit contains our reason for being here AND the standard of perfection we need as a guide to model ourselves after. Are we grateful in all that we do? Do we keep a childlike sense of awe and wonder about the world that we live in? Do we act in such a way that would live up to this high standard?

Physical- Are we taking good care of the body temple? Are we getting the exercise we need and the proper nutrition? We can make small improvements daily and these will begin to make meaningful progress in how we feel and what we are capable of.

Social- Are we improving in how we relate to everyone else in our lives? Are we looking for the best in people and finding opportunities to praise them for it? Have we moved away from gossip and derision? Are we harmonious with the people close to us in helping them bring the best of themselves into the world? Are we developing our sense of humor?

Financial- Are we improving our financial existence? Are we getting closer to developing the attitudes which lead to financial abundance? Are we studying daily how to improve our lives and those lives of others around us by more effectively tapping into prosperity? Remember that when we earn more we have the ability to give more to the causes which are important to us.

Educational- Are we spending time daily to make ourselves a better human being than we were yesterday? Do we put into practice the things that we learned so as to make the little improvements which will change the course of our destiny?

It’s important to remember that we are a work in progress, and we are put here for an extremely limited time as it is. Making improvements daily is something we want to monitor actively in order to raise ourselves a little closer to our Spiritual center. This isn’t a complete list, but it’s a good start. Make it a priority to have priorities and monitor them regularly to insure you make the progress you’d like to make.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Am I making measurable progress in reasonable time?”

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