Daily Nugget of Gold 732


Daily Nugget of Gold 732

Million Dollar Week

Everything vibrates. Everything in the vast Universe is in motion, vibrating at incredible speed, and so it is in our own world. If you could look at an atomic level at anything in our world including yourself, you’d see this mass of energy at an incredible vibratory speed. Now we don’t think we perceive this action on the part of the very small, but we do. Have you ever said, “I’m getting good vibes from that person” or “That person gives me bad vibes”? We do sense something of this nature we are tapping into an intuitive intellectual factor which is providing us with valuable information. Additionally, we are consciously aware of when we ourselves feel good or bad and it’s this emotional feeling that The Law of Attraction responds to.

If someone told you they’d give you a million dollars guaranteed by the end of the week, but the only condition is you’d have to stay in a positive state of mind 80% of the time, would you do it? Now imagine they had a tiny measuring patch to put on your back which would scientifically keep track. If something caused you to feel bad you’d need to as quickly as you could switch your focus onto what makes you feel good or you’d run the risk of losing the money. You know you’re in control of your thoughts, right? So the chances are you could probably pull it off, don’t you think?

What we don’t think about or maybe we don’t believe is that we give up so much more than a million dollars when we entertain negative thoughts on a regular basis. If we do that we cause all sorts of problems in our lives, health problems, relationship issues, financial difficulties, destructive habits and more. We just don’t stop and think of all of the things we lose when we think negatively, nor do we think about how much we’d be able to gain in our lives by thinking positively. If you are in a bad mood because of anything that happened to you, then you are letting your abundance slip away.

While no one is in a great mood all the time, we can all get better at maintaining a happy perspective no matter what happens in our outside world. It takes some work, but the payoff is amazing. The Law of Attraction responds to all of the vibratory states you are in, from the negative, the neutral, and the positive- by giving you more of whatever state you are in. If you want more happiness, wealth, and success in every area of your life, get really good at keeping your inner thoughts positive. You must be in this positive vibe in order to receive the things you desire.

Make a game out of it. Pretend someone DID put a patch on you to monitor your state of mind, and get better and better at keeping yourself positive in spite of whatever may be happening all around you. It’s a challenge, yes, but one that you can meet. Watch the magic come into your life through your ability to control these feelings more and more.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to keep myself in a positive vibe?”

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