Daily Nugget of Gold 737


Daily Nugget of Gold 737

Getting What We Want

Think of something- does The Law of Attraction give us what we want? If you said the answer was yes, be prepared…it doesn’t work that way. The Law of Attraction doesn’t give us anything that we merely want, it responds rather to us being vibrationally in harmony with it. That means that it actually responds to our expectation and acceptance of the thing we seek.

Do you get colds? How many times a year do you get a cold? If you are like most people, probably about two times a year, right? If you haven’t had two this year yet, are you expecting to get another shortly? If so does that cold usually happen right about this time, as the seasons are changing? Now understand this, you are powerfully attracting a cold to you if this is your thinking. You’ve actually come into vibrational harmony with this annoying disease, if you thought this way.

What we’re trying to convey here is if we want to attract something into our lives, we have to accept it deep within our subconscious awareness. It needs to be something so well ingrained in our thoughts that we already believe we possess the item, from a standpoint of expectation. That’s why that cold analogy works so well, because most of us become resigned to the fact it will happen.

We’ve been saying over and over again that in order to attract something, we want to see ourselves already in possession of it. In the case of a cold, every time we think of a cold, we envision ourselves having one. That’s how we end up having one. This stuff is tricky business, isn’t it? How do we avoid a cold? We should envision ourselves as being in perfect health. When the thought of a cold comes to our mind, we want to immediately replace that thought with the picture of ourselves in perfect health. We would benefit much by seeing that as some sort of clear, emotional picture of action we can relate to for when we feel great.

Now if we are trying to attract to ourselves some positive goal, the two things we want to do is to see ourselves already in possession of that goal as we are in a relaxed state and then we want to do everything we can to stay in a positive, harmonious state of mind. This is where the real fun begins because anything that happens that interferes with that needs to be dealt with- we’ve got to take ownership of our own happy state and keep it that way- no easy task but without a doubt, the most rewarding thing you’ll ever do for yourself!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to keep myself in a positive state of mind?

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